Biden’s Transition Team Just FLIPPED OUT On Twitter!

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If you ever needed evidence about just how pathetic American politics have become in 2020. The Biden’s transition team provided it by complaining to CNN about Twitter not transferring President Donald Trump’s massive number of followers to Joe Biden.

Biden-Harris transition spokesperson Cameron French sent the Clown News Network a statement that read:

“Twitter’s reluctance to transfer millions of followers from the Trump Administration to the Biden Administration unnecessarily politicizes what otherwise should be a routine transfer of communication from one administration to the next,” 

Twitter decided that while they will turn over the @POTUS and @WhiteHouse accounts to Joe Biden, as they had done when Trump replaced Obama.

The social media giant also made the decision that the 33 million followers on the @POTUS account and 26 million on the @WhiteHouse account that Trump had built up over his 4-years will not be turned over to Joe Biden.

Instead, both accounts will be reset to zero.

According to Twitter before the account change over, all followers of the account will be notified and given the choice if they want to continue to follow, or not.

Of course, the media immediately pounced, by falsely claiming that this was all Trump’s doing.

To counter the fake news media’s lie, Twitter issued a statement making it crystal clear that it was their ruling and theirs alone.

Why Is Biden’s Transition Team So Disturbed About Not Getting Trump’s Twitter followers?

Instead of adding Democrats to Trump’s already millions of followers, now team Biden is forced to go out and get their own followers.

So it’s not a stretch to think that the Biden transition team’s outrage over Twitter’s decision is linked to knowing their clueless boss couldn’t even get anyone to come to any of his campaign events.

Sooner, rather than later, Biden’s handful of followers will look clownish next to Trump’s 30 million followers that he had accumulated.

Twitter also announced that Donald Trump’s @POTUS account will be renamed @POTUS45 and archived as-is.

Of course, President Donald Trump will still have his personal account of @realDonaldTrump which has a whopping 88.5 million followers.

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  1. Biden will never be my President, he is a fraud,he and the Democrats cheated and the whole world knows it. we have been made fools of Trump got 75 million votes and that’s with the cheating Dem’s.

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