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Joe Biden took a page out of Barack Obama’s ‘How To Disparage America‘ playbook, after tweeting some radical leftist idiocy about ‘America being an idea, we’ve never lived up to it but we’ve never walked away from it before.’

Of course, since Joe Biden is NOW declaring that America has never lived up to its idea.

I must assume Joe Biden’s Dementia must be rearing it’s ugly head since he seems to have forgotten all about being a Delaware Senator for 36-years and then serving another 8-years as Obama’s Vice-President.

In over four-decades of supposedly ‘Serving The People’ the only thing that Joe Biden has accomplished has been to enrich himself and his family.

Watch Joe Biden Vilifies America:

Of course, in a previous Biden 2020 campaign ad, it seems Joe Biden forgot to finish with “WE NEVER LIVED UP TO IT”

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