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While mainstream media outlets such as the Clown News Network, screech in their most fictitious, condescending tone that they’re simply outraged over the accusation that there’s a MMedia Double Standard between how the press has covered Joe Biden, compared to how they have reported on Donald Trump.

As usual, the mainstream media simply can’t help themselves showing that not only does the media double standard exist…it’s provable being any doubt.

Throughout the 2020 Presidential campaign with the Biden campaign with the Democrats fawning press in tow screeched, ‘if Joe Biden defeats Donald Trump, the former vice-president promises to bring back integrity, and transparency to Trump’s lawless White House.’

Despite the fact that President Donald Trump continues to challenge the validity of the 2020 presidential election results, the media just went ahead and crowned Joe Biden ‘President-Elect‘ anyway.

But since his coronation, the only thing ‘“President-Elect” Joe Biden has shown that he’ll be bringing back to the White House is the Democrats Deep-State cronies, and a press pool unwilling to hold Joe Biden to even a 10th of the scrutiny they held Donald Trump too.

Media Shows The Level Of Accountability They’ll Be Holding Joe Biden To

Besides the mainstream media ignoring the fact that it took the Biden campaign almost a full day just to report to the press pool on Sunday, that on Saturday Joe Biden had slipped and twisted his ankle while playing with his dog Major.

The Biden campaign stated on Sunday that after being x-rayed and examined it was determined on Saturday, Joe Biden only suffered an ankle sprain.

But in their Sunday announcement, the Biden campaign nonsensically added ‘Out of an abundance of caution” the 78-year-old will be examined by an orthopedic specialist.’

Why? Didn’t the x-rays and Joe Biden’s doctor already conclude it was a sprain?

Mainstream Media Double Standard

The press seemed oblivious to the fact that they weren’t told immediately that the supposed ‘President-Elect’ had suffered an injury, something the press demanded must happen for ‘National Security reasons’ if Donald Trump happened to stubbed his toe.

But far worse, the press seems only mildly ruffled of the fact that when Joe Biden’s motorcade arrived at the Delaware Orthopaedic Specialists in Newark. His handlers blatantly maneuvered a van so that journalists in Biden’s press pool could not see him, or video a hobbled Joe Biden entering the building.

Imagine If Donald Trump Pull A Stunt Similar To What Joe Biden Did?

Wait…We Don’t Have To Imagine

Hilariously, back in December 2017, a triggered mainstream media spewed their outrage over multiple news cycles after someone, apparently from the Trump campaign, placed a large white truck which obscured nearby journalists from getting pictures of President Trump as he completed a round of golf at his Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida

I suspect if Joe Biden is successful in stealing the 2020 election, this will be only the first of many stories showing the clear double standard on how the mainstream media covered President Donald Trump, and how they are covering President Joe Biden.


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