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Joe Biden’s revamped White House logo may have taken nearly 30 attempts to get it right, but once they replaced the American flag with the flag of surrender they knew they finally nailed it!

In fact, the whole White House website got spruced up and finished in record time, only having six weeks to overhaul the site from scratch before Biden was sworn in as president last Wednesday, reported Fast Company.

While the Biden administration and the mainstream media claim the main difference in the new logo is that the White House has sharper architectural elements, such as defined columns and windows, and more roof detailing.

And as the point out Biden’s new logo also sits on a blue background with the presidential mansion in white, opposed to Trump’s white background and a navy White House.

However, they conveniently fail to notice that one little detail in Joe Biden’s White House logo.

American Flag Out…We Surrender In

White House logo

Back in December, the Biden administration hired creative agency Wide Eye for the revamp.

The firm has been behind the branding of the Democratic National Convention and VP Kamala Harris’ primary presidential campaign.

And according to White House director of digital strategy Rob Flaherty, the redesign went much further than just inverting colors and adding some structural details to the logo.

He said of the redesign: ‘It is both forward-looking while having its roots in something very traditional. That’s a nice statement about what we’re trying to do here.

‘We are bringing the country together and winning the battle for the soul of the nation, but also trying to do it in a way that makes people’s lives materially better.’

‘Our whole pitch, that we assembled in about two to three days, was the idea that the White House is the people’s house.’

Of course, another take would be telling the world “We Surrender To The New World Order”

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  1. Also note the photo of the white house has the flag blowing away from the photographer so that it too cant really be seen

  2. FUH-Q China Joe Xiden and that Hoe ! You are a DAMNED COMMIE and a TRAITOR ! Who in the Hell wants a flag of surrender on our White House Logo ? Those that rioted back on the 6th should have went for your ya SOB !

  3. The flag of criminals, crooks and every other despicable humans that are surely NOT in what CHRIST would have found acceptable.
    At this point, I can only hope that the hand of God will smash this Devils and send them to their fiery place in HELL.

  4. Joe Biden has no right to take the American Flag off the white house logo. He is NOT God and He does not own this country contrary to popular belief by the demonrats. I am sick of him thinking he can do whatever he wants because they sure didn’t think Trump should be allowed. So demonrats and Biden and Harris go crawl back in your holes and stop messing our country up.

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