Beto: America Runs COVID Death Camps On US Southern Border

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On Sunday MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Host, Joy Reid, and former Texas Congressman and fake Mexican Beto O’Rourke accused Trump supporters of only caring about money and exploiting the poor.

During their reprehensible and clearly insane discussion, Beto once again attempted to inject his ‘America is a racist country’ idiocy into his imbecilic ramblings.

Besides Beto O’Rourke’s insulting comments about President Trump and the 63+ million Americans who supported him during the 2016 Presidential election.

Beto accused America of running COVID Death Camps along our nation’s southern border, before implying that Americans are a racist lot, that despises immigrants.

Ignoring the fact that ‘We’re a Nation of Immigrants,’ Beto also ignored the fact that ‘We’re a Nation Built on Laws.’

But as usual, Beto blended those immigrants who respected our rule of law and came to America legally, with those who illegally sneaked in under the cover of darkness, into a single entity.

Beto ranted:

Really important for us at this moment to remember that a quarter of those who are working in our clinics, in our hospitals, right now, were born in another country.

So if your life is saved during this pandemic, good chance an immigrant saved your life.

Of course, Beto not only ignored the aforementioned “legal Immigrant” part of his imbecilic bloviating.

The arithmetic challenged Beto believes 25% is a good chance? Umm, sorry, Beto, I think 75% being American makes for a wee bit better odds on who’ll save my sorry ass, don’t you?

Beto also showed how uneducated he was about the topic he was screeching his Trump-Hatred about.

The unhinged liberal leftist started attacking President Trump, by calling his signing a 60-day pause on Immigration ‘Morally Repugnant.’

Beto stated one of the reasons why Trump’s executive order is so revolting was due to the fact that ‘80% of those working our fields, picking the food Americans eat, are immigrants’.

Of course, if Beto read more than the New York Times headlines, he would have been shocked to read that President Trump’s Executive Order clearly states these very same farmworkers Beto was crying about ARE EXEMPT from his 60-day immigration pause.

In fact, the illiterate challenged Beto didn’t even need to read a single word.

He only had to listen to President Trump last week discussing the details of his order, during his daily White House Press Briefing to hear the President assure American Farmers they had nothing to fear since the workers they rely on would still be allowed into the country.

This all lead into Beto pivoting into his even more moronic ‘America is running COVID Death Camps Along Our Southern Border’ foolishness.

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