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Back in 2016 when Donald Trump was photographed eating a Big Mac the Democrats and their fake news Media cohorts demanded that he release all his medical records.

But in 2020 for months you heard nothing when it came to 108-year-old Bum Ticker Bernie Sanders.


Hysterically, after months of silence about 108-year-old Bum Ticker Bernie Sanders’ releasing his medical records, after the DNC gave the mainstream media orders that Bernie must not be allowed to win the Democratic nomination, NOW they’re asking about them.

When Americans pick their next president, they should be aware of that candidate’s health. At least that is what Sen. Bernie Sanders used to screech about Donald Trump, of course, he only said this up until Bernie had a heart attack.

After his heart attack, Vermont’s simpleminded socialist vowed in September that he would release his medical records before one vote in the 2020 election gets cast.

Bernie Sanders told NBC News that he would release all of his medical records before voting began.

“I think it’s the right thing to do,”

“The American people have the right to know about whether the person they are going to be voting for president is healthy.”


Of course, Bernie Sanders played this exact game with his tax-returns.

While debating Hillary Clinton in 2016, Bernie vowed that “On Monday” we will be releasing them. Almost Four-years-later “Monday” finally arrived.

Back in 2016 when the mainstream media was hyperventilating about then-candidate Donald Trump’s medical records.

Trump supporters reminded the Democrats and the mainstream media that there is no legal requirement for candidates to release their health records.

While ignoring Hillary Clinton’s inability to walk up a flight of stairs, her 6-month-long coughing fit, and her losing a shoe after Hillary’s lifeless corpse needed to be dragged into a van in NYC.

The News Media responded ‘If Trump has nothing medically to hide then he should release them because voters have a right to know’.

But in 2020 despite several of the Democrats’ Clown Car of 2020 Presidential Candidates being in their 70s and two of them are knocking on the door of 80 for months they were singing a different tune.

But after Bum Ticker Bernie backed out on his vow to release all his medical records, Bernie’s rivals such as Lil’ Petey Buttigieg weren’t to happy.

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