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Bernie was questioned last night by Anderson Cooper on 60 minutes about the cost of all his socialist plans and admits he’s clueless to how much all of them cost.


Bernie does rattle off 30 trillion for the cost of Medicare for All, but when pressed about the cost of all his programs, like canceling all student debt and making colleges tuition-free, Bernie admits he doesn’t know how much they will cost.

Anderson Cooper remarkably asked Sanders an obvious question, namely that if he doesn’t know how much they cost, how does he know how to pay for them?

Bernie claimed his student debt/college tuition program, which would cost upwards of Two Trillion dollars will be paid for by a “modest tax on Wall Street speculation.”

Of course, a normal person’s definition of “Modest” differs greatly with that of the Democrats’ simpleminded socialist.

Bernie Bonkers Bumbling and Stumbling 

Whenever Bernie is asked a tough question he normally distracts by saying that he can’t rattle off every nickel and dime in explaining how he’ll pay for all of his programs.

Of course, this is just an excuse to get out of answering a difficult line of questioning, because the reality is he really doesn’t know how much his Free, NOT Free pandering give-a-ways will cost or how he’ll pay for it.

Inevitably Bernie Sanders will add “But we do,” at the end of any explanation.

As if that should end the discussion and alleviate the fears of American taxpayers who’ll be footing the bill for Bernie Sanders’ 125+ Trillion-dollar programs. 

Feelings Aren’t Facts Bernie

If Bernie Sanders tells the truth about the cost of all of his plans, and used facts, rather than feelings to explain how he’ll pay for it.

It will expose the absurdity of this senile old socialist Communist and his imbecilic give-a-ways.

It’s one of the reasons why President Trump will win in a 2020 landslide victory because Donald Trump will demand Bernie give specifics on paying for all his Bernie Bros insanity.

That alone will expose to the American people what a huckster Bernie Sanders is and how he’ll bankrupt America right back to the stone age.

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