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With all the liberalism and feminism idiocy popping up nowadays

Liberals, feminists, progressives always find the tiniest thing they don’t like as ‘offensive’, ‘racists’ or even ‘white supremacists’ or some other insult they constantly try to throw out at us.

But this article is going to be about something I never thought I would ever have to write about.

Everything has become politicized, even things that in previous years that would have never been thought of as political has now become political issues from gender, to certain TV shows like The Simpsons, to certain types of books like The Cat In The Hat, to sports to even your food and health choices.

Recently a lot of people have gotten into gluten-free and dairy-free ‘diets’, which the mainstream media helps spread the myth that gluten-free and dairy-free or even veganism are ‘diets’.

Some or should I say a lot of people have bought into the myth that being gluten-free, dairy-free or even vegan are ‘diets’ thanks in part to the mainstream media spreading that myth when that is farthest from the truth.

Although a lot of people still think of it as a ‘diet’, most people who are either one of the three, two or two of the three or even all three is because of some sort of allergies.

For us, it’s an everyday lifestyle and not just a ‘diet’ where you do you to lose weight.

Some people who are Celiac which is a more severe type of food allergy, meaning if they had the even tiniest bit of gluten also known as wheat it could very well be life-threatening to them. Luckily for me, my allergies aren’t that severe I’m just gluten and dairy sensitive.

Now to the point of the article Conservatives including me have criticized the left for creating stereotypes of conservatives as being ‘racists’, ‘bigots’, ‘Islamophobic’, homophobic’, ‘xenophobic’, ‘white supremacists’ and the left’s newest insult towards conservatives as ‘nazis’, etc.

However in some conservative circles (not all) have started creating a stereotype for people who are gluten-free, dairy-free, or even vegan, etc as being ‘liberal’.

When that is not the case I’m conservative and a Trump supporter but I also I’m gluten-free and dairy-free as my immune system can’t tolerate gluten or dairy, I wasn’t born with these types of food allergies, but I’ve had a lot of surgeries throughout my 30 years as I’m a heart patient and if you had as many open-heart surgeries as I have sooner or later that is going to affect your immune system which in turn makes your immune system automatically targets gluten and dairy as ‘foreign invaders’ and starts attacking it, which in resorts into an allergic reaction.

I wish not everything would be politicized but ultimately that world is now long gone, and everything is now politicized even being health which for some people like me who are gluten sensitive and dairy sensitive and for people who have a more severe type of allergy like Celiac is sad, frustrating and some types even downright annoying.

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