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Basic Instinct

By- Lorraine McQueeney

I learned something important the other night. When it comes to politics in the United States today, people who are tuned in to what’s going on in the world and to what could be going on in this Country, are going on basic instinct. I’ve talked to Democrats, Republicans, Independents and people who absolutely HATE politics. Some come right out and say they’re supporting Donald Trump, while others feel me out, waiting to see who I’m supporting before saying that they support Trump too. It’s a sad sign of the times when people are afraid to be right, and this just goes to show how very wrong things are in America these days.

My Democrat friends, neighbors and associates say that even though they “know that they’re supposed to be supporting either Hillary or Sanders,” they can’t. Regardless of how many Millennials think that Bernie Sanders’ promises sounds promising, anybody who thinks it through knows that first of all, Sanders would never be elected. Wealthy Democrats like Soros aren’t going to give up to 90% of their wealth back to Bernie. Secondly, even if he was elected, Sanders would never be able to bring any of his “pie in the sky” promises to fruition, because the House and Senate will never support his Socialist policies. As for Hillary, they simply say that she’s an incompetent who can’t be trusted. Enough said. Grounded in reality, these people are focused on THE biggest problem faced by this Country today: MUSLIM TERRORISTS.

While many people may claim that it is “fear mongering,” to talk about Muslims attacking us again, I hate to tell you folks, we have REASON to be fearful! We are NOT secure as a nation, not even close! We’ve got a MILLION or more Muslims walking among us, with NO way of telling friend from foe! Not until a Farook and a Malik storm into a Christmas party, and assassinate the same people who gave them a baby shower months earlier! That’s like being told that we have ticking time bombs all over the place, but won’t know where they are until they explode! Do you like living like this? I sure don’t!

Maybe because I live right outside of NYC and like me, the people I talk to also know someone who died on 9/11, but we’re tired of that “sitting duck” feeling. We know that ONLY when America has a REAL leader in office, someone with the GUTS to tackle this problem head on, will anything change. Unfortunately, there are far too many people in this Country who still think “this can never happen to me,” and that’s a dangerous belief. I used to feel that way too. Never would have imagined that a magnificent building in the City I was born in, a building that a Company I once worked for had offices in, an office past the 90th floor that I attended meetings in, would one day be brought to the ground and over 3,000 innocent Americans killed on that same day! But once you see that it can happen to you, and once you personally know someone that it does happen to, you see things from a whole new perspective.

I guarantee you that if any of these Bernie supporters, Hillary supporters and even Cruz supporters personally experienced an attack like the one I was personally affected by on 9/11/01, they’d be rank and file behind TRUMP like I am! People who say that they are “afraid” of Trump being elected President, have NO idea what fear is. Maybe they need to research that news clip from 9/11, showing a little boy from New Jersey desperately holding up a picture of his father, a Cantor Fitzgerald employee, pleading with people to help him find his Dad. That, my fellow Americans is the face of fear, yet people claim to “fear” the ONE person who has demonstrated the degree of courage needed to vanquish the threat of future Muslim terrorist attacks? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! About as much sense as saying you’re voting for Hillary because “she has experience”!

People in this Country need to stop listening to sound bites and start listening to their gut. Watch the video of the child whose father, a Cantor Fitzgerald employee, died with the rest of his co-workers on 9/11. ASK yourself how you would feel if YOUR loved one was killed like that by a Muslim terrorist! Google “Muslim beheads women at IKEA in Sweden” and read THAT story. IKEA is to Sweden as WalMart is to America. Do WE want Muslims taking knives off the shelves in WalMart, and beheading Americans? “What?” you say? “That won’t happen here?” That’s what YOU think!

The fact of the matter is that they’re HERE already! ISIS operatives are HERE, and there’s only ONE way to get rid of them: We MUST elect a President who is willing to DO WHAT IT TAKES to destroy the threat of radical Islam! STOP listening to Hillary Clinton’s monotone drone that “talking tough on immigration and terror doesn’t make us sound strong, it makes us sound wrong!” That’s absurd, and the people who agree with her need to go to Google and look up Ambassador Christopher Stevens. LOOK at the pictures that some truly sick people posted, showing what was done to this man, because of Hillary’s incompetence that her supporters refer to as “experience”!!

Who ARE these people being polled in the polls allegedly showing that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in the General Election?! Hillary Clinton couldn’t even keep our Embassy personnel in Benghazi safe, and I wouldn’t trust her with a HAMSTER, let alone the lives of my children! Even the most basic level of common sense should prevent anyone from voting for her!! It’s time for the clueless in America to wake up! Is YOUR life worth taking a few minutes of your time, to do some research and see for yourself?? I sure hope so, because if you looked up just the items I’ve mentioned here, and let the reality sink in that not only COULD this be our future if we elect the wrong President, this WILL be our future if we do, then you’d have a real reason to be afraid!! Stop burying your head in the sand, which is exactly what people do when they pretend that if Hillary Clinton is elected President, everything will be just fine, or we will somehow be better off than we are right now! Nothing is farther from the truth!

I’ll never understand why anyone would vote for Hillary Clinton, and the only time I’ve agreed with anything Ted Cruz has to say, is when he agrees with what Trump has to say! I can’t understand why anybody would vote for him, either, since the more you hear him speak, the more you understand why his colleagues in the senate can’t stand him!

Love him or hate him folks, it comes down to basic instinct: Many already realize this, but for others, it will likely take another Muslim attack here in the United States to have this realization hit home. I’d hate to think that it will take the death of many more innocent Americans, for people who say “anyone but Trump” or those who support Hillary, Bernie or Ted, to change their minds about Donald Trump. However, if the news reports are accurate, this is what just may have to happen.

People have NO reason to fear Donald Trump. If anyone should be feared it’s Barack Obama, since it’s because of his policies that Americans are in greater danger than we’ve ever been in our lifetimes! We have at least four Americans still missing in Belgium, and for that reason alone, Obama should have cut his trip short and returned to the White House. He owes it to the families to help them find out what happened to these Americans! The fact that he continues to frolic abroad is frightening. This doesn’t send a message to Muslims that their actions abroad are inconsequential; it sends a clear message to them that the coast is clear to attack America again, since Muslim terrorism is NOT a priority to this “President”!

Eradicating Muslim terrorism WILL is a top priority for the Donald Trump, who seeks the highest office in the land for no other reason than to make America a better place for his children and grandchildren. He doesn’t need the fame, he doesn’t need the money, and he surely doesn’t need the disgraceful level of personal attacks that he and his family have been subjected to! Instead, there is one primary factor compelling Trump to run for President, the same primary factor compelling so many Americans to support his candidacy:

Basic instinct. The very survival of this nation is at stake, and if we elect the wrong President AGAIN, we may never be able to recover.

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  1. Well said- People in this Country need to stop listening to sound bites and start listening to their gut……..and trust their gut instincts !!

  2. Excellent, Lorraine! No one else wrote anything like this, nor anyone said anything like this on any news sources, be it the alphabet news (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, etc.) nor even thought about it the way you put it. All they think about is hating Trump because he gave money to democrats, to the Clinton foundation, so on and so on, calling him racist for his stance on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION (my emphasis to show that’s all he’s against just like I am and so are a lot of people!) and call him a “women hater”, which he’s not and proven by the women he employs who’ve been promoted to high positions in his company, but they don’t want to hear it. All they hear is the pundits spewing false narratives, false reports (the Corey-Lewindowsky thing) and believe just anything they want to believe as long as it has something to do against Trump! They don’t see it the way you do. They didn’t experience it the way you did, but that has no bearing on their individualism! I wonder, what were these people thinking at the time of “9-11” as they watched the Twin Towers crumbling down in NYC thinking ALL those people in both buildings were experiencing their deaths at a time when death wasn’t on their minds, that all that was on their minds was their work, their paychecks, their shopping needs, getting home that day for a nice supper at home relaxing with their families, their children, their pets, and whatever else was on their minds besides their deaths??! I wonder, if that’s what the pundits, the establishment, the Hillary supporters, Sanders supporters, and Cruz supporters were thinking at that time? Maybe they were all too young at that time to even care. Trump CARED! Tremendously cared! He showed that he cared at a debate when Cruz said New Yorkers don’t have “any values” like “Conservative values”! And Trump immediately attacked back at Cruz in defense of his state that New York came together at a time in need and what mattered was NOT being “conservative” at a time like that but what mattered was people helping people, no matter who they were, democrats and republicans, liberals and conservatives, pulling together into one common sense people helping one another from a horrific terrorist attack! No, they don’t think about that, they don’t think where they were when that happened, they don’t think what they could’ve done to help the victims, the families of victims who died that day, they just didn’t want to think about that, no thought, no remorse, just hate someone just because someone else tells you to hate them, that’s all they THINK ABOUT!! Even talk radio is protruding that “thought”…”don’t vote for Trump because he’s a woman hater”, or “don’t vote Trump because he’s a liberal!”…or “don’t vote for Trump because he’s a democrat in disguise as a Republican”!!! They can’t get over that! Yet Donald HAS been a CONSISTENT Republican voter, proven (online) by his voter registration at the last 8 elections (sometimes he didn’t vote, but that’s not a reason to hate him for it; he made a CHOICE not to vote that year!). They never met the man either, and I would bet if they ever did, they’d have a different perspective of him but then they still get persuaded otherwise. That’s the problem in America, and Obama caused it all, and I agree that HE is the one we should “be afraid of”, not Donald Trump. I may have once thought I was a “conservative”, also, until Donald Trump came along saying he’s more of a “common sense conservative” which made me believe that has been the way I was all along…MORE of “common sense” than anything! Does that make me NOT a “conservative”? NO! It just makes me a better THINKER than being totally “conservative”; so what’s wrong with that? So, these so-called “conservatives” who think they are, aren’t using common sense evaluations of themselves to realize what is more important to this country? COMMON SENSE, or CONSERVATISM? I’ll stick with common sensibility over “conservatism” to save my country!! #TrumpForPresident #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016 #VeteransForTrump .

    • You said it perfectly Ann, when you said “I’ll stick with common sensibility over “conservatism” to save my country!!”

      Thank you for your feedback,

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