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Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, Chair of the Democrats reprehensible ‘Abortion Rights and Access Task Force,’ spoke at a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court yesterday.

Pressley was speaking at the very same pro-abortion rally that we reported on earlier that Rashida Tlaib and Chuck Schumer also haunted.

I will admit that despite my title to this article is not entirely correct since Rep. Ayanna Pressley did say “alleged” when she whined:

 ‘We Have Two Alleged Sexual Predators On The Bench Of The Highest Court Of The Land’

But how many actually believe that this unhinged Democrat Squad Member doesn’t truly hold that what she said wasn’t factual in her ignorant little mind?  

This was evidenced by Ayanna Pressley following up her insidious accusation by declaring that “I still believe Anita Hill, and I still believe Christine Blasey Ford.”

Ayanna Pressley Spewing Her Typical Squad Stupidity

You knew it was going to be a long 5-minutes when Ayanna Pressley opened with:

I don’t know if you can see me but I’m Rocking My Resistance Leather because I dressed for battle… and I say thank you to my fellow Women Reproductive Justice Warriors…

During her 5-minute diatribe, Ayanna Pressley started ending her comical rants with “This is Outrageous”

Here’s a couple of examples of what Pressley was outraged about:

“When Women’s Bodies Are More Regulated Than Guns…This is Outrageous!”

“When birth control remains Out of reach…This is Outrageous!”

Wait. What?

More regulated than guns?  Can’t find Birth Control?  WTH?

Of course, Ayanna Pressley was just regurgitating the Democrats’ typical over-the-top abortion hyperbole stupidity.

But in what reality do these delusional Democrats think that spewing this type of stupidity will help their pro-abortion cause?

In fact, I would argue it has the opposite effect on those who have yet to drink the Progressive Kool-Aid.

Rights For Me…None For Thee

Ayanna Pressley’s whole speech tried to make the case that Conservative attempt at reeling in out of control abortion clinics was somehow racist?

And as usual, her pro-abortion speech was littered with digs about how Republicans were trying to steal away their reproduction rights, racial rights, and the rights of women to have an abortion.

Of course, while Pressley was busy regurgitating her list of rights Conservatives were scurrying away with.

Somehow Ayanna Pressley never mentioned the rights of an unborn child not to be murdered because of the crime of not having been born yet.

But Today, the Democrats believe that even after a baby slip-n-slides its way out of the womb, they are demanding the right to still perform an abortion.

This repugnant madness even goes against their own tenets of abortion since what they had labeled a clump of cells now having been born had been magically transformed into a living, breathing human being.

But what’s the most revolting is knowing that while they’re demanding we give them their rights.

These very same infanticide Democrats are content with murdering a newborn baby’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

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