Due Process Has Been Buried by the Court of Public Opinion

Due Process is a thing of the past. Is has been buried by the news media in the Court of Public opinion. An Accusation is all that is needed today for a conviction. The allegation alone make out a Prima Facie case. No Proof is necessary. One is Guilty until proven innocent. There is no Presumption of Innocence. The News Media has aided and abetted the empowerment of the Court of Public Opinion. It is Tabloid Journalism. Journalism has become Jihad. It appears that 99% of the stories about Donald Trump have been given a negative spin.This has given rise to the Supremacy of Twitter. Trump’s Constituents can get his thoughts and intentions directly from him, unfiltered. The Constitution cannot protect you in the Court of Public opinion. The Evidence is Hearsay, Gossip, Rumor, and Innuendo. There is no Jury. Anyone who hears the allegations constitutes a one-person Judge and Jury. The Verdict is often swift and sure. There is no Appeal of the initial Verdict. When Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee, and the Democrats started looking for dirt on Donald Trump, they unleashed a whirlwind that has come back and consumed more Democrats than Republicans. A Federal Republican Judge, appointed by President Ronald Reagan, and the only one to back President’s alleged Travel Ban, has come under fire. The allegations against him were trotted out in 2008 when Judge Kozinski was investigated for viewing porn on his private computer. Even after allowing for some embellishment, these accusations amount to little more than the first impressions of women allowed to co-exist in a previously all-male sanctum. A judicial investigation in 2008 ultimately found that Judge Kozinski did not intend to allow the public to see the material and that, instead, the judge and his son were careless in protecting a private server from being accessible on the Internet.

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Crime Does Not Pay: Easy Come, Easy Go.

Crime does not pay. Attorney Eric C. Conn recently found this out the hard way. Conn was a millionaire only a few months ago. Now he is broke and behind bars convicted of fraud and bribery. He collected more than $7 million in payments for filing bogus Social Security Disability Claims from 2004 to 2011. This former millionaire was brazen enough to ask for a public defender. That is about as brazen as a man who murders his parents, and then throws himself upon the mercy of the Court on the grounds that he is now an orphan. Conn filed Court documents saying the U.S. Government had seized all of his property. A judge ruled that Conn violated the terms of his Bond when he escaped to Honduras. He has been forced to forfeit the property put up for his Bail. That includes his Floyd County law complex, valued at $659,100.

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When Judges Break the Law, Should Judges Go to Jail?

When Judges break the Law, Society comes apart. A Judge must maintain a high standard of conduct or be prepared to go to jail A Court-room deprived of its Judge is like a soldier in battle who looses his horse because his horse looses a shoe. Society’s war against crime is jeopardized.
An independent and honorable judiciary is indispensable to Justice in our society. The Code of Conduct for United States Judges state that a judge should maintain and enforce high standards of conduct and should personally observe those standards, so that the integrity and independence of the judiciary may be preserved.
A Judge is a Judicial Officer, charged with enforcing the Law, and maintaining the Temple of Justice. The Law is a Spirit. It is a Process. If the Law is perverted then the Temple of Justice is defiled, the Temple must be cleansed. Cleansing the Temple may require that a Judge who violates his Oath of Office be punished.
If a Judge breaks the Law, he cannot be treated like an ordinary criminal. Sometimes it may be necessary to send a Judge to jail. The Judge must be held to a higher standard.
The Judge knows the Law, and what a sacred trust it is to be the Keeper of the Flame of Justice. For a Judge to transgress the Law, it requires a greater Specific Intent than a Layman needs to commit a crime. The Judge knows how important it is in a civil society for everyone to respect and obey the Law. So, the Judge must be held to a higher standard.
A Judge can break the Law in many ways. A Judge break the Law inside the court room. One way is to simply ignore the Law.
A Judge can use his position as a Judge to further his own personal philosophy. He can hide under the cloak of Judicial Immunity all the while perverting Justice in the name of The Greater Good.
One can hardly think of a crime a Judge could commit more egregious than Bribery. For a Judge to use his position for personal gain is unforgivable. For a Judge to extort bribes from the lawyers that appear before him is a crime worthy of going to jail. Judge David Black Daugherty is such a Judge.

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Show Your True Colors

Historically, showing your colors, has referred to the flag a ship flies to indicate their country of origin. Pirates, among others, have not always flown their true colors. Beginning in about the 18th Century, Showing Your True Colors, has come to mean showing your real character or personality, especially when it is unpleasant. When American show their true colors, they usually stand, salute, place their right hand over their heart, and cheer. Dishonoring the American Flag has been recognized by the Supreme Court as a means of political speech and social protest. Freedom of speech or expression is protected by the1st Amendment to the Constitution. This Right does not apply in private employment situations, which are usually controlled by fiercely negotiated contracts of employment. The recent controversy swirling around the NFL players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem and the showing of the American Flag is just another incidence of Fake News.

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Thank God Donald Trump Is Commander-In-Chief

The President, as Commander In Chief, has the power to criminally discipline the officers and members of the Armed Forces while they are on active duty. That disciplinary power is exercised primarily through the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). There are also Administrative Procedures used to discipline military members and force them to leave the armed forces. Once military members retire and return to civilian life, they are subject to the civilian criminal justice system. During the Obama Administration, many senior and experienced military officers were forced to leave the military. Had Donald Trump been the Commander In Chief during that period, America would probably not have suffered such a tremendous loss of talent and experience.

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