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by Wayne Simmes:

When I was growing up as a young boy, there was a short poem that we were all taught.  Now, notice that I did not say as a young kid.  That might offend someone.  I don’t know who, perhaps the animal rights people that might take umbrage at having the name of a young goat assigned to a child.

But, I digress.  The poem was, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.  That simply meant “don’t sweat the petty stuff”.  You might have to defend yourself against a physical attack but ignore it when someone calls you names.  And of course, they did call you names and sometimes you could ignore it and sometimes a black eye was called for.

But, somewhere between when I was knee-high to a grasshopper and our modern day, the political correctness crowd was formed.   Is that phrase okay or does that denote something bad about grasshoppers?   Almost everything has become objectionable to some segment of our society?

No reference to skin color is allowed.  I wonder why being referred to by the color of your skin is so horrendous?  If some person looked at me and said that I was a white man, I would not take exception to that characterization.  For that is what I am, although I have never done the 23 and me thing where I might find out that my ancestors were not all white.  And I am sure of that beyond a shadow of a doubt since the first man was named Adam, which means red of the earth.

For the first couple of centuries, “Native American’s” were referred to as Indians and no one took exception to that categorization until the political correctness crowd showed up.  Then all of a sudden being called an Indian was unacceptable.  So I wonder how the people that live in India feel about that.  Of course, we know why Columbus referred to the indigenous people he found in the “East Indies” as Indians.  He believed that he had landed in India since that is where he set out for in the beginning of his voyage.

But now being called an Indian, unless you live in the country of India, is a bad thing.  It is so terrible that the football team from Washington has to change its name, the baseball team in Cleveland, likewise and heaven forbid if Cleveland’s mascot ever steps on the field again waving a tomahawk.

It dawns on me that John Wayne could probably not make a movie today since his cry of “the people are coming” get to the fort would not have the same clout.

Now, of course, we must realize that these prohibitions do not apply to everyone in the same way.  It is acceptable for people like Farrakhan to call for the extermination of white people and Jewish people.  For it has been claimed that no one other than whites can be racists.

So what started my rant this morning?  It was Roseanne Barr being fired by ABC for making a comment off the air about someone that used to be in the Obama administration.  Now, she has asked us not to try and defend her and I will honor her wishes.

But I will also not try to defend Fox News for their blatant attempt to kiss the boots of ABC for having standards.  These so-called morning journalists make it sound as if what Roseanne said in a tweet was the worst thing that anyone has ever said before.  It doesn’t matter that Joy Behar and the rest of her cohorts on “The View” say far worse things about President Trump almost daily when they are on the air and have immunity from being fired because the target of their derision is not only white but the President.

It also doesn’t matter that Jimmy Kimmel also attacks the President while on the air and has no repercussions what-so-ever.

Now, I understand that Roseanne should have known better.  The person she was talking about was not only not white but was of the wrong religious affiliation.  So that combination was definitely off limits when it came to making a joke.

What you could get away with just a few years ago, is poison today.  It doesn’t matter that the 1st amendment gives Roseanne or anyone else the freedom to express themselves.  Of course, it does not guarantee that there will not be consequences when you exercise that freedom.  But I do think there should be a distinction made for what someone says while on their free time, such as what Roseanne said and what they say while on the air as an emissary of ABC.  The latter should be judged far more severely than the former.

I hate political correctness.

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