April Ryan Caught Making A Complete And Totall Fool Of Herself!

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CNN White House correspondent April Ryan proves yet again how the Clown News Network becomes more clownish every day.
April Ryan who, over the past 4-years used rumors, anonymous sources, and ‘Feelings’ to disparage President Trump as often as possible HAS NOW DECLARED that using rumors, anonymous sources, and ‘Feelings’ should be outlawed when it comes to covering Joe Biden’s presidency.
Ryan suddenly wanting to act like a journalist only came after leaked audio suggested the supposed president-elect isn’t on board with the radical left’s ‘Defund The Police‘ agenda that helped him secure the progressive vote.

Ryan went on to hysterically suggest that someone must have had a nefarious reason to leak a recording of Biden’s teleconference earlier this week with civil rights leaders, in which he complained that the defund the police movement had hurt Democrats with voters and warned that he wouldn’t use executive orders to enact a slew of progressive policies.

Responding to April Ryan’s idiocy. Vice Media writer Edward Ongweso Jr. then tweeted that it’s “irresponsible” and a “dangerous precedent” for journalists to use secret recordings in their stories about the incoming administration and must instead go through “proper channels” to parse Biden’s thoughts and plans.

Of course, April Ryan quickly agreed, saying, “You hit the nail on the head. This is not good at all.”


April Ryan, Oh FFS, Just Shut Up Already

But amazingly, in August CNN’s resident Trump-hating hypocrite, April Ryan, breathlessly tweeted how she was “EAGERLY WAITING” to hear (and use) the secreted recording of Melania Trump supposedly throw shade at her husband, Donald Trump, and his kids (minus Barron).

CNN April Ryan Melania Trump recordings

And CNN’s whalelephant bellowing how CNN was able to obtain SECRET audio tapes between Donald Trump, and his former gutter trash lawyer Michael Cohen.

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