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Truth often takes a beating when the mainstream media attempts to fact check President Donald Trump after he boasts about his administration’s coronavirus response.

Since the media refuses to acknowledge any of President Trump’s successes in not only his administration’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic. But obviously everything his administration has accomplished over the past 3+ years.

President Trump understandably isn’t shy to crow about his achievements, nor should he be.

Over the weekend, the president gave his administration high marks for the handling of the pandemic in trying to keep the U.S. mortality rate as low as possible.

Trump Claimed: The U.S. Coronavirus Mortality Rates Is Far Better Than Most Countries And Are Very Close To Germany’s

AP stated:

TRUMP on pandemic deaths: “Now, Germany — we’re very close to Germany. We have a very good relationship with Germany. Germany has done very good. They have a very low mortality rate like we do. We have a low mortality rate also.” — remarks Thursday in meeting with Gov. Greg Abbott, R-Texas.

AP’s Verdict: FALSE: The U.S. is not in Germany’s league in this regard.

Beyond the fact that, as we have seen with China. Almost all countries not named America, have deliberately manipulated their death/infected counts downward.

The United States, on the other hand, has been doing the complete opposite. 

Knowing that Trump will receive the blame from their media cohorts. Democrat governors and Mayors using their liberal logic have started to inflate their Coronavirus death tolls.

A few weeks back we reported: NYC Coronavirus Deaths Suddenly Soar Past 10,000 After “Probable” Cases Become politically weaponized.

Last week we also reported that Illinois Democratic leaders declared ANY death, no matter how they died, will count toward the states Coronavirus death count if that person was infected.

So, if a coronavirus infected person is unfortunate enough to be run over by a semi. It wasn’t the truck’s 18-wheels running over his dumb ass that killed him.

Nope. Illinois stated that they will issue a death certificate listing Coronavirus as the cause of death.

Of course, this is the Democrats egregious attempt at proving President Trump utterly mishandled the U.S. coronavirus response.

The Fact That AP ‘fact-Checkers’ conveniently left out

John Hopkins has been the go-to source for the worldwide reporting on the Coronavirus pandemic numbers, and what AP fact-checkers used in order to claim that ‘Trump Lied’.

But to do so, AP fact-checkers had to selectively choose only the information that backed their Trump-Hate agenda.

While some data that John Hopkins published could show what President Trump stated was stretching the truth.

The AP *cough* *cough* missed this little bit of factual information that John Hopkins also published on the same page, that showed what President Trump’s stated was 100% correct.

Please note President Trump: ‘The U.S. has a very low mortality rate like Germany’

John Hopkins stated:

For the 10 countries most affected by COVID-19 worldwide, the bars in the chart below show the number of deaths per 100 confirmed cases (observed case-fatality ratio)

John Hopkins Coronavirus Mortality Rate by Country

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