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On Thursday, AOC took to Instagram to implore voters to turn out and vote blue in Georgia’s Jan. 5th special runoff election, in order to help Liberal Progressive Democrats pass their radical agenda such as universal health care, and Green New Deal.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) screeched:

“If we win in Georgia, we can help transition this country to a $15 minimum wage; we can make sure that we expand people’s access to health care,”

AOC has already denounced moderates in the Democratic Party for their reluctance to back the far-left big-ticket progressive proposals, such as Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Of course, beyond screeching “Tax The Rich” and “We Just Will.” AOC hasn’t exactly explained how America will pay for it all, because each item on her simpleminded socialist wish list, would cost the U.S. taxpayers trillions of dollars.

In March, AOC embraced the Democratic mantra of ‘never letting a good crisis go to waste’ as Ocasio-Cortez used the expanding Coronavirus pandemic to demand Congress pass sweeping radical reforms.

Which included expanding Medicare or Medicaid to cover all Americans, a freeze on evictions, a universal basic income, ending work requirements for food-assistance programs, criminal-justice reform, and freezing student-debt collection.

Capitalist AOC Makes Socialist AOC A Hypocrite

What I found so fascinating watching Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s confab which had her delusional radical followers.

Was watching the Democrats’ simpleminded socialist ‘Squad’ leader prove how little self-awareness she possesses.

While AOC the Socialist was shrieking ‘people are dying in the streets from not being able to afford food or rent.’ And then denouncing Mitch McConnell and his evil Senate Republicans for preventing Americans a steady flow of stimulus checks in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

AOC the Capitalist was wearing (and promoting) her “Tax The Rich” sweatshop shirt that she’s selling on her website for $58, S/H and Tax The Rich Taxes not included.


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  1. No one in government can be as stupid as AOC. Many of her cohorts are in close competition for the nomination for one with the least amount of brain cells. The numbers appear to be increasing to the dire expense of our country.

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