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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is facing backlash not just from Republicans but even from  Democrats after she flat-out rejected Trump’s latest $1.8 trillion COVID relief offer.

As we reported on Saturday, Nancy Pelosi, rather than give the American people some much-needed relief. Pelosi instead politicized President Trump’s latest COVID relief offer by outright rejecting it.

Despite President Trump adding an additional 200 billion dollars to his previous aid package, Pelosi who is demanding $2.2 trillion dismissed labeled it ‘inadequate.’

Pelosi’s $2.2 Trillion dollar COVID relief bill includes such items as a tax increase on businesses and expanding eligibility for the Affordable Care Act.

In a weekly letter to Democratic colleagues, she whined that Trump’s proposal lacked a ‘strategic plan to crush the virus’ and gave the President too much power in deciding how the funds would be spent.

‘This proposal amounted to one step forward, two steps back,’ Pelosi wrote.

Andrew Yang: Take The Deal B**TCH!

While it wasn’t shocking to see Republicans pounce on Pelosi for politizing the COVID relief bill. It was surprising that her idiocy drew criticism from some Democrats, such as former Democrat presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

On Saturday Yang didn’t mince words when he tweeted: ‘Nancy Pelosi take this deal! Put politics aside people are hurting.’

Yang Goes On CNN To Blast Pelosi for Rejecting Trump’s COVID Relief Offer


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  1. Enough we don`t need our government handling anymore of our tax dollars.Get an over the drug store counter pill for covid. Take it off your taxes.This has gone way to far and it`s time to end it.

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