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by Michael Duane Small:

September 29, 2018

The President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20502

Dear Mr. President:

You are not alone but some of us can’t afford to donate when we have such a corrupt world which includes the Veterans hospital system and the medical world that thrives off the miseries of people when natural health can take care of most of our problems.

I spent 20 years serving this country of which 18 months was in Vietnam, and I can’t even get my travel pay when I am forced to drive 700 miles round trip to see the closest doctor who will perform a procedure I needed.

My problem is a simple cure and one hundred percent natural, but it is not allowed in this country.

The VA sucks. The insurance companies suck and of course we know the reasons are the corruption of governments and the ignorance of too many citizens.

We all need our Constitution back along with our sovereignty. The Federal government needs to be cut back by at least 75% and remove their presents from our individual and sovereign states.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) needs to be sent back to England as they are the military side of the Rothschild syndicate known as an entity of the Crown Corporation of London City, England along with the Central Bankers and their illegal system of corporate Law; the Law of the high seas, also known as the Admiralty Laws of which are the laws of England.

Many of us are waiting to see Judge Kavenaugh instated as the new Supreme Court Judge. It is tragic to see our Congress as the circus it is.

The tasks needed to be done are tremendous and many of us are very supportive; just not financially. Our homes have been stolen from us, our rights and liberties have been stolen from us and we are being, as Thomas Jefferson related, “we are waking up in a land our forefathers fought, and many died for” and we are nothing but the peasant (slaves) of mother England, thanks to the Rothschild’s and their worshiping followers along with a sleeping public.

No, the Trump family is not alone, but we all knew the swamp was dark and deep when the boats slipped into the murky water of the swamp we understood as President Kennedy knew and President Eisenhower warned us about, it would be a dangerous journey.

The Trump family will receive a great amount of help once our gold standard it replaced, and our financial world is once again set free in a capitalist world freed of its three cancers; greed, graft and corruption as well as its three dangers; communism, socialism and social dependence.

Who should have limited entitlements other than Veterans who have served this nation? We understand the necessity of caring for, only those who can’t take care of themselves and it should not be from our Social Security that was designed to keep the elderly during retirement years and will not even pay rent today simply because it was stolen.

Yes, our founding fathers were right in their fears about a people’s government because people always look to others to carry their burdens.

What was it Benjamin Franklin was asked as he was departing the signing of our Constitution, “and what kind of government have you given us sir?”

What was Mr. Franklins’ response, “A Republic Ma’am, if you can keep it!”

Our Constitution is a rock. It can never be changed but it can be chipped away until it is destroyed. Many of us have watched this process far too long and other citizen have had closed minds.

We see the corruption since the organic 13th Amendment was removed by criminals: the massive wealth our representatives have received in gifts and bribes and where did our limited government Go?

We must have “term limits” amended to every state constitution. It is a citizen responsibility.

We must return our Organic Constitution and we must return our Federal government back within its boundaries of the 10 square miles known as the people’s Capital, “Washington DC!”

The Federal Government has no authority outside this boundary as per the resolution of 1780 and Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of our Constitution and the 13th Amendment we read today has no place in our Constitution as we read the words of our founders, All Men Are Created Equal.” All we need do is live by the standards set forth by our founders and disallow the corruption of a few powerful people who think they are above the law.

Education of the masses is a must as well as TERM LIMITS in every state for every elected representative from city council to the highest office within our governments. No elected representative should ever retire from a position of responsibility as an elected representative. It is not a right to serve as it is a privilege and nothing more.

God Speed in draining the swamp and safety in this tremendous task of eliminating evil within our borders and where it threatens from outside the boundaries of our Sovereignty.

Give us back our Constitution:
1. Our 13th Amendment with our Common Law Government and end the corruption within our government with gifts and bribes.
2. Remove the 14th through the 17th Amendments as they are either unnecessary or illegal within the scope of our government established by our founders; James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, John Adams and many others who sacrificed so much that we may live a dream no other people on this planet ever had the chance to enjoy.

Perhaps this is an awakening long overdue, even with so many still sleeping.

I am 71 years of age and have prayed for this time and events for several decades. I am a disabled, retired Veteran with an impossible task of living my life out in such a world created by evil minds over the past decades since before and especially since President Kennedy was assassinated by such evil persons.

My Dear Mr. President

You know the power of unleashing the United States Note backed by gold and I am sure you know, when President Andrew Jackson fired the bankers there was no more debt owed on an illegal currency.

Sir, you are given a time in this nation, and the world needs this Republic. You know the power that can be unleashed by certain actions many of us have been waiting for. I cant speak for others, although I am sure many feel as I do and we are waiting patiently as you clear away the rubble that has held us back.

We need to rebuild this nation of nations; with the understanding of Thomas Jefferson and the concerns of the Anti-Federalists who opposed an all-powerful central government. We need our Limited Government restored and power to the people with a Central Government that is controlled and kept within its bounds.

You understand what I am talking about Mr. President. We can change the world and make it a much safer place once again and again, we know you Sir, are working diligently to make this thing happen.

Warm and well wishes and a safe journey to you and all of your family on this trip through this wilderness created because of citizen complacency and apathy.

In closing I wish to thank you for all you have done for this Nation of Nations to date.  Few understand the tremendous responsibility you and your family have undertaken.  Fewer remember President Kennedy’s plea for help before his untimely death and this nation owes you and your family far more than can ever be repaid.

One more thing I feel is very important to say and it is the very same sentiments for Judge Kavanaugh and his family for what the have and are going through.

We pray for better times very soon.

God Speed,

Michael Duane Small
US Army Retired, Vietnam Veteran (not a hero, Just an old soldier)

P. S. To all those receiving this post as mail, I ask you to consider the importance and forward this letter to everyone on you list. Thank you.

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! DRAIN the SWAMP and this includes state governments down to city and county governments.

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