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From his irrevocable gaffes, his cringeworthy performances as he stumbles through virtual events in his basement, his racially insensitive comments towards the Black community, to even forgetting what state he’s campaigning in, Americans are constantly reminded just how bad of a candidate Joe Biden really is. And combine his failing campaign with him having spent more than 40 years in Washington as a failed politician, Biden stands in stark contrast to President Donald Trump. While Trump is fighting for Americans across the country, Biden can’t seem to even make it out of his safe-space basement bunker. In fact, Biden’s 40-year record is so abysmal, it took him 89 days to hold a simple press conference.

As Trump campaigned in 2016, his core principles of rebuilding our economy, stopping illegal immigration, fighting for better trade deals, and pursuing an America First foreign policy still ring true. American voters want to continue what President Trump has started: more jobs, more money in their pockets, and more opportunity. They don’t want to throw the country into a U-turn and go back to the failed policies of the past, which Joe Biden and his liberal, job-killing agenda would do. Furthermore, Trump is fulfilling his promises-made-promises-kept agenda by working to undo the decades of damage caused by polices Biden favored. One of these policies is getting rid of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), an outdated and failed trade agreement Biden played a pivotal role in over the last 30 years. NAFTA is by far the most disastrous trade deal in American history, but Trump is fighting for better deals for the American worker and has negotiated a modernized and fair trade agreement, better known as the United States-Mexico-Canada Act (USMCA).

As the USMCA goes into full effect, Americans are reminded of just how critical the passage of this act is for their manufacturers and workers. Noted as one of the biggest U.S. free trade deals since 1994, this agreement will strengthen the extensive trade relationship between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. For example- Delaware’s economy and workers depend on trade with Canada and Mexico. So much so, that in 2017, Delaware had $1.2 billion worth of exports to Canada and Mexico, supporting over 35,000 jobs. So this agreement will help Delaware’s small and medium-sized businesses by cutting and reducing costs for cross-border transactions.

While Trump is busy bolstering manufacturing and making up for Biden’s devastating job losses from NAFTA, Biden is now proposing an “economic plan” that contains tax increases for millions of middle-class Americans and small businesses, job losses in the millions that will decimate many industries, and trade deals that sell out the United States. Biden truly believes he can revive America’s economy and stated he will do a better job than President Trump. However, as Biden attempted to spread lies about Trump’s aggressive response to the coronavirus pandemic, voters must also be reminded of when Biden’s Democratic colleagues failed American voters, putting partisan politics before constituents by failing to replenish the Paycheck Protection Program. In the winning corner, Trump and Republicans worked diligently to pass two rounds of the Paycheck Protection Program, which has resulted in small businesses receiving loans providing relief to all employees- including those hit the hardest by the pandemic.

President Trump will continue to enact and push for policies that guide our nation to bright new horizons and Biden’s unenthusiastic campaign will continue to livestream from his basement, spouting out-of-touch radical proposals that are only meant to serve the elitists in his party. And when this virus is over, Trump is the only person capable of renewing, restoring and rebuilding the greatest economy in the history of the world. Our economy will be better than ever once this virus has subsided and our great American comeback is on way. Let’s not let all of this progress come to a screeching halt by electing a couch potato such as Biden for a president. Let’s keep making America great and keep President Donald J. Trump in office for four more years! Make sure to vote RED in November and KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!

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