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The so-called feminists that go out in vagina costumes or pussy hats, they are the tough girl wanna be’s.  The women in Iran, they got real problems.  Big ones, about the size of Cincinnati Ohio, that big.  Iranian woman marching down the street are fighting for rights like, for example: Not to get stoned to death for getting raped, or being killed for taking out the trash without a man present, to give permission.  These women in Iran must think “Balls” are something that cats play with when there are not enough mice around. Who comes to these amazing women’s defense as they take on the mobs of men because they would rather be dead than live another day in Hell afraid and trapped?  The knitting circle whipping up the next rallies set of Pussy hats or how about those amazing actresses playing talk show hosts on morning television or even later in the afternoon?

Busloads of American women have been vocal in mass amounts since the election of Donald J. Trump into the seat of the United States President. That reminds me of something funny. If you do not mind me saying, he is also the same Donald J. Trump that is defending the Iranian women.  Think about this tug-of-war going on in the media over women’s right’s and ask your self how many of the celebrities who were crying that Hillary Clinton did not become the 1st female president have taken a stand in support of women in the Iranian liberation movement.  I am waiting.  Donald Trump, of course, but he is not a woman, keep thinking. . . WHAT?  You can’t think of a single feminist poster-girl supporting women in Iran? Sigh.

How about Susan Rice, she’s the one who told us that horrible rape, torture and burning alive of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens was caused by a YouTube video, and we had better stop just sayin’ stuff about Afghanistan.  Susan Rice is a woman, and she sent out a Tweet on Iran’s protest.  Where these brave women are turning down oppression in hopes their daughters can grow up and never know the pain, not just physical pain, but deep seeded whole mind and body pain of absolute oppression that American women can only read about in books or perhaps one of those videos Ms. Rice did not like during Benghazi.

The problem was this prominent woman’s Tweet was to actually silence the heroic act of Donald Trump in backing up the women of Iran, which carried a lot of weight in being he happens to be a currently sitting US President.  Not one word of support to the women who get born into a life of slavery in a man’s world that they may have a taste of freedom like she had in being able to attend school and make a life for herself. Or to eventually rise through the ranks until she took the title of 24th United States National Security Advisor from 2013 to 2017.

Although Ms. Rice could have been a major support to President Trump by lending her prestigious reputation to the plight of women in the Islamic States where freedom is just a word, Susan Rice used her voice via Twitter to advise President Trump to Be Quiet.  The problem is that in America we kinda have the opposite point of contention.  I’m more inclined to get rocks thrown at me for just saying “Thank you, President Trump, for supporting Women’s Right’s” then if cheated on my husband for example. We have it all in reverse.  It is like walking on eggshells when we dare smile or explode in ecstatic bliss when we heard the words finally come out The winner is Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America. I felt a ripple of hope crawl down my skin that helps me relate to how Iranian women must feel dreaming of freedom, and it gives me hope they may achieve their highest expectations in life.  Miracles do happen!

Donald Trump had the media, the press, both political parties all up in arms against him the entire election. We had to see them cringe and squirm all year long hoping it might have just been a terrible dream, so they do not want to wake up.  With all the radical hysteria running full steam against him, Trump won against a candidate that apparently had to fix the primary election just to have the chance to fix the general election. However, she still could not win after spending how much on her campaign to run for President, not counting the 12 million spent on the Fake News inspired dossier?

So, if he had so much going against him, you want to know how Trump REALLY won?  I can tell you, but only if you don’t start throwing stones for telling the honest truth.  In the famous words of Joan Rivers’ Can We Talk?  Okay then, Trump’s victory was because of girls like me.  The Forgotten Women and there are a lot of us.  He spoke straight from the heart, and we sat glued to the television hearing every word in shock there really were true American’s still willing to stand up for our Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Someone willing to Trust in God, and tune out the Nay Sayers and hecklers. Someone who told me I am real, and he knows I’m there, and he is not ever going to forget about me!  I’m just one woman, and I even lost a friend who offered to fly me out to DC for the so-called woman’s march of January last year, but I told him I was on the Trump Team.  My friend who wanted Hillary to win finally got over my not backing the woman and is speaking to me again. Time heals.

Our Grandmothers knew the suffrage of gaining the same rights as men. As American’s we back up these brave women in Iran, and we are blessed with a president who hears our voice and does not become a venue for crickets when women’s issues hit the stand. No, not our president, he takes a definitive stand for women in all parts of the world because he cares; not because he is reading a script or has been programmed by his information officer. He does it simply because he actually loves women and values their contributions to the world at large. Pretty cool isn’t it? He is so tough he can even take a stand for women, lol.  Well, if that is the way it has got to be, all I can say is I’m with Him!


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