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Despite four-years of the media screeching that our nation would be in serious trouble if America ever faced a major crisis due to Donald Trump being mentally unfit to be President.

The Coronavirus crisis is not only showing America the leadership of President Trump, but its also proving just how reprehensible the Trump deranged News Media has always been.

It’s astonishing that after the 2016 election fiasco, their Russia, Russia, Russia idiocy, the Ukraine phone call lies, and their liberal biased reporting on the Democrats Impeachment hoax.

The media simply refuse to believe that people know how to Google or know what YouTube is.

What’s even more startling, judging by their past four-years of imbecilic Trump lies, it seems the mainstream media still haven’t caught onto how the whole concept of video works.

It’s almost as if they not only don’t know video records, but even the most technology-challenged person knows how to push the play button and see these liberal TDS news networks contradicting themselves from what they said just days earlier.

Enemy Of The People

Tom Elliott founder and editor @GrabienMedia set the record straight about the fake news media’s claim that unlike Democrats, and those in the news media, President Trump didn’t realize until it was far too late the threat that Coronavirus presented America.

Elliot’s Twitter thread shows just how egregious the Fake News Media have become.

Of course, you’ll only see the truth if you’re willing to connect the dots…

Morning Joe host Mike Brzezinski’s wife Joe Scarborough set the stage with his revisionist history claim that EVERYBODY knew in EARLY JANUARY just how bad the Coronavirus crisis would be…

Everyone except, according to Mr. Brzezinski, President Donald J. Trump that is.


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