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by On Point:

FBI agent Peter Strzok was questioned in congress today, viciously attacked by the Republicans, and equally viciously defended by the Democrats.

Peter Strzok did not waiver even for an instance and stood up and defended himself against his accusers, did not flinch nor back down.  He defended himself brilliantly and I Initially gained respect for him.  Not one argument was able to break his position and convince me that he is a liar.


Then, something happened, his face twisted and his eyes became dark black pits.  I realized as I continued to watch him that I was looking at a psychotic sociopath, a person with no conscience whatsoever,  who can lie with impunity.  He is a very dangerous man who cannot differentiate between right and wrong.  The concepts have no meaning to him.  He is the type of person who as a small child probably poured gasoline on his pet cat and lit it just for amusement.  He is extremely dangerous and I truly believe he could murder someone if they got in his way and think nothing of it.  He should be locked away in a psychiatric hospital where he can be kept away from harming the public.  His appearance is pure evil.  All he need is horns and he could pass for a demon or the devil, a very scary person, shudder.


I still like President Trump but also see a lot of his faults but more positive than negative.  Trump handled NATO correctly and showed them to be the corrupt body and opportunists that they truly are.  He has forced NATO to do the right thing and has even been supported, 100%, by the top Generals in the British Military that expressed their complete support for Trump against their own country.

I also still believe that the Robert Mueller investigation is a fraud and will eventually be dismantled as nothing has been or ever will be proved against the President.  What I will say is that I have developed an intense hatred for Government in general and believe it to be completely corrupt.  Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  I also have found that a good number, not all, of our elected congressmen are stupid and couldn’t lead a glass to a faucet.  As time goes on, I am becoming completely disillusioned by the entire process and trust no one.  The comments that I read at the end of each story are written by persons who cannot even speak the English language and have the intelligence of a cockroach, no insult intended for the cockroach.  I try to get into discussions to look at all sides of an issue but the majority of the stupid people are not even aware that there are issues to be discussed.  Remarks like “punch her in the face”, “drop dead”, “shoot him or her” are typical of most of the comments.

The country is in deep trouble and could wind up disappearing unless something major is done to make it viable again.  I have never seen such hatred by Americans against their own country and who are deliberately going out of their way to destroy it.  Middle America is illiterate without a good educational system in place and the Liberal Democrats have lost the drive to succeed in life and have no ambition or drive to be successful and build enterprise anymore.  Students graduate college or University with useless degrees, in women studies, anthropology, psychology, etc. and wonder why they can’t get a decent job and don’t realize that the undergraduate degree is meant for a general education and that it is only a stepping stone to advance studies or professional schools where the develop the ability to get meaningful employment or professional jobs such as medical, accounting, law, architecture, engineering, ad infinitum.  They stop after their first degree because they do not want to put in the effort need to achieve success.

America in my mind has become one of the scariest countries in the world to live in.  It has become a depressing habitat without any future.  I pray that I am wrong.  Donald Trump is on a correct path but may be too late.  The one’s who should be supporting him are the Liberal Democrats and instead it is the average downtrodden American worker who loves him and why not?  He has provided jobs and has greatly improved the economy while the elite class have lost all purpose to their being and are quickly becoming the falling ones instead of producing the greatness in society.  I do not have the answer and wonder if there is a solution.  All I see is tattooed brainless idiots with smart phones glued to their head standing in line protesting nothing until they die.  The end of the world has arrived.


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