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Far-left La La Land actor Alec Baldwin smeared millions of Americans, declaring that anyone intending to vote for President Donald Trump in this year’s presidential election must suffer from a mental illness.

The Saturday Night Live Liberal Loon claimed that President Trump had gained unprecedented control over government institutions and therefore people must be crazy to vote for him.

My Lord, can the liberal progressive Democrats at least coordinate their messaging?

In March the Democrats were screaming ‘Why hasn’t Donald Trump used his Presidential powers to take control of industries to force companies to produce more medical supplies?’

So, the resistance went from three-years of warning America that Donald Trump is a budding despot to now complaining he hasn’t done enough to impose his will during the coronavirus crisis?

Now The Left Is Complaining Dictator Trump Won’t Dictate

La La Land Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin, taking time out from abusing women and calling members of the LGBTQ community “Fags,” tweeted:

Trump has reached for, and nearly gained, a control of the federal govt unrivaled by other Presidents. He fired huge numbers of govt professionals. He steamrolled the Congress, whenever possible.
And now this.

If you vote for Trump again, you are mentally ill.

One has to wonder if the HAB in Alec Baldwin’s HABFoundation stands for Half-Ass Bullshit?

Of course, Baldwin’s claim that Trump has gained too much power is made more idiotic by the New York Times recently reporting:

“President Trump has essentially become a bystander as school superintendents, sports commissioners, college presidents, governors and business owners across the country take it upon themselves to shut down much of American life.”

Last Time I Checked Dictators Aren’t Bystanders

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