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There have been few more dangerous and repugnant politicians in American history than Adam Schiff.

The egregious California Congressman has been a disgrace to everything that America stands for.

The left-wing Intel Committee chairman has not only consistently lied about the Democrats Russian Collusion Delusion.

He’s also appeared on numerous mainstream media outlets lying about him having seen the with his own eyes the evidence showing that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin.

The travesty of Schiff’s Soviet-style hearings has drawn comparisons to the bad old days of Cold War McCarthyism.

But Adam Schiff’s Days of Running Roughshod Over America May Finally be coming to an end

On Wednesday The Department of Justice released the August 2017 Rosenstein Scope Memo.

Penned by then-DAG Rod Rosenstein to Robert Mueller. Rosenstein wrote a total of three scope memos giving Mueller permission to rove around unchecked in a fishing expedition to not only target Trump officials, but to play defense and cover up the Obama administration’s crimes.

The August 2017 scope memo revealed Mueller investigated Mike Flynn, a 3-star General and Trump’s National Security Advisor for the “crime” of “engaging in conversations with Russian government officials” during the Trump transition.

General Flynn’s attorney Sidney Powell said this is a “bloody outrage” as the FBI’s own files showed Flynn was not a foreign agent and they knew he was working with DIA on all foreign contacts.

After telling Fox News Sean Hannity that he had just seen former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s memos to Robert Mueller, providing direction in his sham special counsel investigation.

Senator Lindsey Graham dropped a major bombshell Wednesday night.

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