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by Ken Bliss:

I consider myself a logical person. I look at all these “allegations” and they smell funny. I know this about President Trump. The whole country knows this about this man. There are four things he loves in this world. Country, family, reputation, and money. Trump is proud of it and protective of it.

Now, pretend you are a billionaire for a moment. One who does not drink or do any drugs so you are always lucid and aware of your actions and surroundings. Are you going to risk hurting your family, slamming your reputation/brand not to mention millions of dollars per incident? Doesn’t make sense, No matter how hard you look, it doesn’t add up. Is he capable? Any man is capable of it. Would he take a chance? No, I just don’t see that happening.

Now that the Democrats and mainstream media have worked Russia for all it’s worth with zero results, we suddenly see their new platform for 2018. Obstruction and allegations. They practiced with Roy Moore in Alabama. When they saw that it was working, they started to roll it out on Trump.

My opinion.

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