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My oh my how times have changed! We are at a point in time where it is OKAY to just say whatever WITHOUT repercussions. I can remember a time when there was a legitimate fear of slandering the President, or any political figure for that matter. Now it is pushed. The acceptance of this is mind boggling…

I am 42 years old and I cannot recall a time in my life when it was OKAY to walk up to anybody as an adult figure and literally curse them. In today’s society that is acceptable. Why is that? In high school, if I walked up to the teacher and cussed her/him out, it would be a severe penalty. But no, it gets worse…

Each week when you cut on the news you see the freedom of speech being abused to the ultimate. The media flat out lies- with their fake news. But most don’t believe that the trusted news is actually lying. It is a common place to listen or watch the news daily. Yet you have to actually research what they report on to see if it is fact or fiction. And THAT is where the freedom of speech is being abused.

This is beyond politics at this point. This could be with a common homicide or a kidnapping. Freedom of speech gives you the right to say whatever you want, but when you report these incidents why would you lie about it? I will tell you why you lie… It’s because they know they are losing from the get-go. It is an act of desperation for acceptance.

I’m going to tell you like my grandma told me- If you get a spanking at school for lying, you’re going to get one when you get home. We need to stop the spankings from happening so therefore you need to get out and vote and you need to vote for Trump. Let our freedom of speech and the silent majority swing through where there is no lie. So we can Keep America GREAT!
Written By: Wes Avent

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