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By: Jon Doty

 They say look to the past for tomorrows answers. Let’s do that, shall we!

Throughout the history of this planet there have been defining moments that changed the course of mankind.  Whether it was when Moses parted the Red Sea and freed the Jews, or a group of misfits and rebels decided to break away from the rule of the British Empire to start a country governed like no other country in the history of this planet. Based off freedom and sovereignty, ran by the people themselves, with the government’s only purpose to serve the people and protect their freedom.  Or even when that same country engaged in a massive civil war, waged against the Democrats at the time to abolish slavery so that the country can finally achieve its promise that all men are created equal. How about a World War where America rises up to stop the genocide of the Jewish people by an evil Progressive, supremacist known as Adolf Hitler?!

In every scenario you have one thing in common! You have one side guided by evil, growing larger, fueled by a soulless desire to obtain as much power as possible. And you have the other side guided by faith and the belief in a higher power, fueled by the inner desire to do good for their fellow man, using every ounce of strength and passion they have to stop the progress of evil.

If you would have told me when I was a young boy that when I was 41 our country would be faced with one of these historical moments, I would have called you a conspiracy theory nutjob! You see I had the great fortune to grow up in the Era of President Reagan. Every week he did either a radio or television address to the nation. His message was always the same! He spoke of hope for all citizens and instead of promising the people who were going through hard times that the government will help, he simply encouraged them to take a stand for themselves and their loved ones. He inspired them to find the strength inside themselves to get out of bed everyday and fight for a better way of life.  He condemned every act of atrocity against the citizens of this country whether committed by a white person, black person or any race, religion, or ethnicity. He commended every act of good performed by a citizen, whether committed by a white person, black person or any race, religion, or ethnicity. He was the President of every citizen of the United States of America!

Fast forward to 2016. America is 20 TRILLION dollars in debt, involved in multiple wars, has an influx of illegal immigrants so large that nobody knows what the number is, and divided racially at a point that no one has seen since the 1960s!  Almost two decades before I was born!

At the steering wheel of this out of control flaming eighteen wheeler, with the gas pedal to the floor and the brakes disconnected, is the Democrat party along with its partners in crime the Republican establishment and their henchmen- the mainstream media.

Each entity of this trinity of terror plays an intricate role!
The Republicans role is to gain the trust of citizens by promising to hold the Democrats feet to the fire when they go against our Constitution in any way.  Promising to stop the Democrats when they attempt any actions that could prove to be detrimental to the American way of life. On the contrary, the Republicans constant surrendering to the Democrats, only prove their unbreakable alliance between the two parties.  The mainstream media has an even more diabolical role. Theirs is to “enlighten” the public with inaccurate news reports. To sway the hearts and minds of millions to inevitably create more confusion, division, and chaos. And most importantly, to cover up any news that could reveal the truth about what is happening within the beltway. Finally, the role of the Democrat party. They are the mastermind of the whole scam! They have profected the art of deception through promises of understanding and help. They slowly created a culture of dependence and entitlement, obtaining their strategy straight from the play book of Saul Alinsky.

It’s hard to fathom a President, somebody running for President and so many public servants being a part of something so diabolical! Many people to this day wonder why. The answer is simple! Globalism. Globalism equals absolute power and by nature man craves absolute power!

Enter Mr Donald J Trump.
In all of these past scenarios two things needed to manifest in order for evil to be abolished. A large group of good, decent people who grew more and more contempt for the rising evil. And a figurehead, a voice if you will, that was able to articulately interpret the concerns of the people. Too many of the undecided voters find it hard for them to picture Mr. Trump as this voice of change given his unique and somewhat controversial deliveries in this election. Yet let’s look at this from a different angle.

Through a combination of media deception, political diversions and the growing epidemic of life itself getting overwhelming, many Americans don’t have the time or will to examine what is happening in society. Even with all the evidence laid out before their very eyes, they could never come to the conclusions spoke of in this article. A victory for the evil trinity, a massive amount of the population ironically believe that Mr. Trump is a crazy person who is just trying to obtain more power.  They cannot fathom what Mr. Trump is accusing Hillary Clinton and the current administration of, because for over a decade now they’ve had it drilled in their heads that the Democrat party understands their struggles and will financially help them with the things in life that are most important to them. Such as:
The health insurance that will keep themselves and loved ones from getting sick.
The massive college tuition they accumulated studying to have a life of fulfillment and happiness.
Help paying the mortgage, the place you and your loved ones call home which would be devastating to lose.

The Democrats have also spent decades painting the successful, rich citizens and the evil. They fed on our frustrations of struggling financially and in jobs that didn’t reward us the way we hoped. Through persistence and repetitive rhetoric, the Democrats have managed to make millions of Americans believe that the top percent has all the things we wish for and we have nothing, therefore the top percent must be bad people that are against the poor.  By this reason alone people have struggled picturing Mr. Trump as our President.  After all he was first famous for being the top percent, how could he possibly be for the people?

In all actuality, Donald Trump has always been an extremely charitable, caring man. Hidden from many by the mainstream media and basically erased from the memories of many others, Mr. Trump was almost as famous for being a generous, kind hearted man as he was for being in the top one percent. A quick search on the Internet will provide an enormous amount of stories about Mr. Trumps generosity. Many of these stories completely contradicting the narrative the media is trying to paint about Donald, that he is a racist, sexist xenophobe. In recent statements by secretary Clinton she painted millions of Americans, potential voters, people who she will be working for if she is to become commander and chief, as racist, sexist xenophobes. She said “You can take half of Trump supporters and put them in what I like to call, the basket of deplorables. They are the racist, the sexist, the xenophobes, the you name it!” Well, the only thing I see that’s deplorable, is you Mrs. Clinton!

To fully understand the power that the evil trinity has, let’s take a look at Donald’s opponent, Mrs. Hillary Clinton-
She has a long history of covering up her husband’s sexual affairs.
A list bigger than Texas of mysterious deaths of her associates.
With her email scandal, you know thirty thousand that got erased. For every question Mr. Gowdy asked about Mrs. Clinton to the director of the FBI Mr. Comey, every answer the director gave was the very definition of a crime. Yet at the end of his hearing Mr. Comey still recommended that no criminal charges be put on Secretary Clinton.
With the pay to play scandal, leaked emails that definitively proved that Mrs. Clinton and her staff were taking money and in return giving special privileges to the donors, all while she was secretary of state.
Her 30 year bad record alone is enough to say with certainty that Mrs. Clinton should in no way, shape, or form even be running for President, let alone win. Yet somehow with this long list of no-brainer disqualifications, Mrs. Clinton manages to not only be running for President, but in many polls tied with Mr. Trump. Some polls even have her ahead.
If that doesn’t show you the enormous amount of power the evil trinity has, nothing will.

To some up this article: we are living in a profound, amazing moment in the history books. This election is the election where Americans either decided to give up and let the flaming eighteen wheeler with the gas pedal to the floor and the brakes disconnected, drive us off the cliff into the abyss, bringing a bitter end to the greatest nation in the history of nations.
Or we stand tall with Donald J Trump, pick up the shattered pieces of the last three decades and start to rebuild this great nation. Then we raise the flag of patriotism high, put our hands on our hearts and let the world know that we are one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! I know who I’m voting for come November.  I hope you all join me so we can make America great again!
Thank you and God bless.

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