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By A.M. Kinross:

In light of all the recent publications about what is happening between President Trump and North Korea, and the threats of a nuclear attack on the United States, I was curious about the history between the United States and North Korea. After some research on the matter I was able to find some interesting references. I was a bit surprised by the history of these two countries nuclear talks, handouts, threats, and broken promises. I wasn’t aware that in 1994 North Korea announced its intent to withdraw from its nuclear weapons program and plutonium weapons programs in exchange for food aid from the United States to the North Korean people. But it was even more shocking to discover how many times in the last 30 plus years that North Korea has claimed to do exactly the same thing, and then went back on its word, even after decades of handouts by the United States and other countries.

North Korea is a country with years and years of history of choosing to create nuclear weapons as opposed to feeding its own people who are starving. Their exchange even back in 1994 was that they would stop creating nuclear weapons in exchange for the United States giving them handouts of food. This back-and-forth between North Korea ceasing all nuclear weapons and existing nuclear programs in exchange for handouts from the United States continued through the years. Yet handout after handout even in December of 2002, North Korea ordered inspectors out of the country, they disrupted surveillance equipment on their nuclear facilities, and started moving fresh fuel rods into a reactor suggesting that nuclear reactors and operations would be resuming soon.

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In 2003, US officials confirm that North Korea had restarted a five-megawatt nuclear reactor that had been frozen, and North Korea continued to conduct missile tests in the spring of 2003, and once again had the audacity to suggest that they might get rid of the nuclear program and stop their missile exports if “something considerable in return” could be given to them for this effort.

Again in 2004 there is a proposal for a two phase process where North Korea would receive fuel from China, South Korea, and Russia after agreeing to first freeze then dismantle its nuclear programs. After receiving yet another hand out from other countries for fuel aid, in February of 2005 North Korea’s foreign ministry ounces they have produced nuclear weapons, and that they might give nuclear weapons to terrorists if the United States drives them into a corner. They also suggested that they wanted a peaceful nuclear energy program, and North Korea’s Foreign Ministry stated that it was essential for the United States to provide light water reactors.

How are you feeling about this so far? Angry? Sick to your stomach? Afraid of who we’re dealing with? Don’t answer yet…

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In 2006 North Korea test fire seven ballistic missiles including its longest range missile. This back and forth between North Korea claiming to comply and then not complying is a testament to their inability to do the right thing regardless of how many opportunities have been given to them; regardless of how many handouts they’ve received, and how many times we’ve reached out in hopes that they would like us and do the right thing.

Our presidents through the decades have been in talks with North Korea, decade after decade, and each time the North Koreans agree that they’re going to back away from nuclear programs, and almost immediately reject the promises that they had made, and again move forward with their nuclear programs and long range missile testing.

In February 2007 following a shutdown of North Korea’s nuclear facilities the United States helped to provide energy aid, yet within a year the U.S. discovers that a Syrian facility destroyed by Israel was a nuclear reactor under construction with the aid of North Korea.

In 2008 there are six party talks once again outlining the process for verifying North Korea’s nuclear programs, but by September 2008 North Korea decides that it will begin introducing nuclear materials and would no longer allow inspectors to have access to their facilities. In October of 2008, there was another new agreement giving inspectors access to all 15 declared sites related to North Korea’s Plutonian production program, and allowing inspectors to carry out scientific procedures such as sampling. So in December of 2008 the United States completes the final shipment of the promised 200,000 tons of heavy fuel oil pledged to North Korea for their promise to disable its key nuclear facilities, bringing the total energy assistance to North Korea to about 550,000 of one million tons. But by mid-December after receiving all of this pledged oil to aid in their country in exchange to not produce nuclear energy, U.S. officials claim that North Korea refused to agree in writing what they had agreed to verbally in October. Thus getting handouts of fuel and not disabling their nuclear facilities.

Over the decades the United States has given North Korea time and time again oil and food assistance trying to appeal to their good nature; trying to get North Korea to do the right thing, but failed miserably. Which just supports what Ronald Reagan so eloquently explained back in the 1960s in a speech titled A TIME FOR CHOOSING, where he said, “We are faced with the most evil enemy mankind has known in his long climb from the swamp to the stars. There can be no security anywhere in the free world if there is not fiscal and economic stability within the United States. Those who ask us to trade our freedom for the soup kitchen of the welfare state are architects of a policy of accommodation. They tell us that by avoiding a direct confrontation with the enemy he will learn to love us and give up his evil ways. All who oppose this idea are blanket indicted as war-mongers. Well, let us set one thing straight, there is no argument with regard to peace and war. It is cheap demagoguery to suggest that anyone would want to send other people’s sons to war. The only argument is with regard to the best way to avoid war. There is only one sure way—surrender.”

We all have grown up hearing that history repeats itself. It seems very clear in reviewing this history of North Korea that it does. It’s time to ask yourself the hard question; Do you want a President who continues to give handouts and hopes the enemy will learn to love us, or a President who isn’t afraid to stand up to catastrophic threats from a proven evil enemy of peace?

President Reagan went on to say this in this same speech: “The spectre our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face is that their policy of accommodation is appeasement, and appeasement does not give you a choice between peace and war, only between fight and surrender. We are told that the problem is too complex for a simple answer. They are wrong. There is no easy answer, but there is a simple answer. We must have the courage to do what we know is morally right, and this policy of accommodation asks us to accept the greatest possible immorality. We are being asked to buy our safety from the threat of “the bomb” by selling into permanent slavery our fellow human beings enslaved behind the Iron Curtain,
to tell them to give up their hope of freedom because we are ready to make a deal with their slave masters.”

December 21, 2015: North Korea tests another ballistic missile from a submarine. This test is reported as a success.

Question: If you were President Donald Trump, what would you do now that you know the history of who he’s dealing with?


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  1. What ever we choose to do will only postpone the inevitable which I believe will be Armageddon as predicted in the Bible. Scores of Bible prophecy have already come to pass especially those concerning the first coming of the Christ. The unfulfilled prophecy will come to pass just as God has said. The best thing for anyone to do right now is be born again by accepting Christ . John 3:16

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