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by Joshua Krishnamoorthi:


I observed the America a big nation quite long time, it is the right place to live for

the right people as for as their mind are good. Even though I am an Indian by

birth, our people are living peacefully there with great respect including my family

members. But due to bad elements living there, this country’s development and progress

and peace are affected to certain extent.


When DONALD TRUMP become the President of America, many criticism from

different parts of the world as well as their own people.But as a proud, I welcome


When his inaugural speech, he clearly pointed out that AMERICA FIRST which is a

great move forward and also introduction of immigration ban, a unique policy for

the Americans for their betterment and safety. This is the kind of its own, once we

know the actual facts and reality.


This is the historic move , we see for the first time in the developed world. His

intentions are good and clear over Americans life and this policy shows his

patriotic mind and faith. No politician in the world never have this type of

mind to do good for their own people.He loves his country, the people and their

development. So no doubt his policy benefit the people in the rightful way. Trump

mind is rarest of the rare in the political history in the world.

But it is shocking and surprised to note that some section of the people against his

policy to disturb the country for their own interest.To my opinion, Americans need

this patriotic man DONALD TRUMP for their own welfare and the

I wish him a great success in the coming future and he should be cautious over

bad mindset people. We advice let these bad people support his policies without

disturbing the national peace.


J. Krishna Moorthi

A well wisher of DONALD TRUMP

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