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Democrat Clown Car 2020 Presidential Candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg tried to kick off a town hall event with Latino voters by showing off his Spanish skills, which went over like a ‘Rake To The Face’.


Pete Buttigieg tried speaking Spanish at the League of United Latin American Citizens Presidential Town Hall, which had Hispanics rolling with laughter over his pandering idiocy.

Buttigieg started off saying “Thanks for inviting us to speak…” in Spanish before pausing while he realized he didn’t finish that Rosetta Stone lesson quite well enough and he was forced to resort back to English to conclude, “…this evening.”

Before forgetting how to say “this evening” in Spanish, Buttigieg stumbled over the Spanish pronunciation of invitarnos” (inviting) which when Lil’ Petey said it sounded more like “inventarnos” (inventing).

Many of the crowd in North Las Vegas, Nevada, laughed at Buttigieg, prompting him to blame his stumble on the lack of sleep on the campaign trail.

“Not quite sleeping enough but delighted to be with you,” he said.

Can these dimwitted Democrats be any more transparent?

Take solace Lil’ Petey at least it wasn’t as bad as Kirsten Gillibrand when she was still running in 2020 went to South Carolina to do a little pandering to the black community and had to ask a black person “Do you eat Fried Chick with a fork or your fingers”

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