May The Trump Be With You

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May the Trump Be with You!

by John S. Gebbia, III; Ph.D.

In the long history of these United States, our Chief Executives have come from all walks of life. Our first President, George Washington, was a Surveyor who became a great military leader. Thomas Jefferson was a planter. Harry S. Truman was a haberdasher. Dwight D. Eisenhower was an outstanding General of the Army. Barack Obama was a…well…whatever it is that he was. The list goes on and on. There’s only one thing that our country has never had in the Oval Office…and that’s an enormously successful international businessman with connections and personal relationships with political leaders all over the world.

Donald J. Trump has amassed an enormous personal fortune. He didn’t inherit it. He didn’t win it. He didn’t marry into it. He made it the old fashioned way…he earned it. He earned it through his natural business acumen, and a sense of good old fashioned set of skills, talents, and Yankee ingenuity. That is something that no other politician can say.

Mr. Trump has proven, time and again, that he knows how to not only balance huge budgets, but run them at a profit. He’s earned the respect of world leaders in the process, and made the kind of business deals that make our current politicians look like they’ve spent their careers selling scout cookies…and in many cases without much success.

He’s proven himself to be a natural born leader in every sense of the word. This is the kind of man that America needs as her Chief Executive…a man who’s spent decades of his life successfully being exactly that. That much should be obvious to ALL Americans.

Mr. Trump has such a successful record that he’s personally sponsoring his own campaign. He’s refused to accept financial support in his bid for the Presidency from PACs, Super PACs, or any other Special Interest Groups. Mr. Trump is a man who owes no allegiance to anyone but the American citizenry.

We don’t need another person in the Oval Office who’s a puppet of the people who’ve sponsored his campaign. We don’t need another ineffective leader who’s more concerned about not upsetting the “big money” that got him there. We need a man who has more interest in American security and personal freedoms than he is in American Idol.

We need a NON-establishment leader. We need a man who’s willing to give of himself to straighten out the mess that previous administrations have inflicted upon this country. The man we need is Donald J. Trump. The people know this…and they haven’t been afraid to say it. The Republic Party politicians know this, and they haven’t been brave enough to allow it. The Democratic Party politicians know this, and they’re living in fear of what could happen if he gets the nomination.

Donald J. Trump is the man we need. Donald J. Trump is the movement we have. Donald J. Trump is the force we believe in, so…May the Trump Be with You!

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