Republicans cry foul as Dems block GOP lawmakers from questioning key figure in Ukraine probe

House Republicans are demanding an “equal playing field” in the Democrat-led impeachment probe against President Trump after Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said ahead of Thursday’s scheduled testimony from former U.S. envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker that GOP members of the Foreign Affairs Committee will not be permitted to ask questions or have equal representation during the session.

Volker is scheduled to be the first key witness to testify as part of a probe into an anonymous whistleblower’s complaint about a July 25 phone call in which Trump asked Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s family’s dealings in the country. The interview will be behind closed doors.

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2 Replies to “Republicans cry foul as Dems block GOP lawmakers from questioning key figure in Ukraine probe”

  1. I have heard of a stacked deck before, but this is taking it to the nth degree. The dummocrats do not want anything that looks like fair play in this matter and anything that might taint President Trump. Will they now declare the Constitution and Bill Of Rights unconstitutional now and rule by fiat and their rules? Seems to be getting to that stage now!

    1. What a wasted Presidency. The damage Trump has done to our government agencies, judicial system, cabinets departments and our country’s loss of respect in the world community is a disgrace.

      The Trump fiasco is a stain that we may never be able to completely erase. The damage done by this small group of the Trump family, aides, appointees, suck ups and media supporters will take decades to recover from.

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