Washington D.C. Snarled To A Standstill By Climate Change Protesters [Video — Developing]

Who would have guessed that Antifa has a Navy? Protesters chained themselves to a sailboat in the middle of the intersection of K and 16th streets. They painted “Rebel For Life” on the side painted yellow and Tell The Truth on the opposite side, painted pink.

The Shut Down D.C. protest did exactly that Monday morning, they are convinced that man is destroying the planet by using fossil fuels. It’s planned to coincide with the climate change summit at the UN General Assembly.

Part of Dupont Circle was shut down but quick thinking police officers kept traffic going by rerouting some of it to flow in the wrong direction.

Reports coming in from 9th Street and Mount Vernon Avenue says “drivers are irate.” ExtinctionRebellion is blocking the intersection with banners.

The police are supposed to be protecting the rights of motorists by keeping the roads open. Free speech does not allow the right to block traffic.

Some people are wondering how long it will take motorists to get frustrated enough to start turning the streets of D.C. into Death Race 2019.

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