President Trump Enters ‘The Belly Of The Beast’ On Two-Day California Visit

President Donald Trump is making a startling visit to the heart of the progressive Democrat lair and, as expected, he’s being greeted with Trump Derangement Syndrome, California Style. Protesters already gassed up the huge float depicting Trump as a baby in diapers, so they can fly it over his motorcade.

California’s Republican National Committee chair, Harmeet Dhillon, declares, “by showing up to a fundraiser deep in the belly of the beast,” donors display their appreciation with their checkbooks. The message they’re sending is, “I don’t care what the liberal politicians are saying and I want to show my support for him publicly.” Dhillon personally “sold $100,000 worth (of tickets), and I could have sold another $100,000 more.”

The President is combining a fund raising visit to the Golden State with a mission to house the homeless. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson will be meeting him on tour in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. Carson will be looking into increasing the supply of affordable housing and incentives targeted to help where it’s needed most.

The location of his meetings have been kept a tightly guarded secret to prevent Antifa from gathering in advance. Ticket holders are staging at various locations and will be shuttled to the events.

Liberals may be firmly in control of California’s urban cities, but it’s still a big state. Some of it’s residents managed to hold on to some of their wealth and they want to keep it. California wants them to at least keep enough to tax. Making the wealthy “pay their fair share” will only go so far, as Mayor De Blasio of NY found out recently. They’ll start to leave. The Californians that want to keep their wealth are welcoming Trump and his ideas with open arms.

The President is combining a fund raising visit with a mission to house the homeless.

“There’s not been a president in living history that is as unpopular in the state of California as Trump,” said Mike Madrid, a GOP political consultant. “But our money spends the same as everyone else’s.”

Trump is outdoing all his political opponents in terms of fundraising. The Republican National Committee has pulled in over $210 million since the beginning of 2019 according to the Federal Election Commission. And he has another year to go.

The events are expected to cover three locations in two days. The Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego should each add $15 million to the re election campaign, according to a Republican official.

California last went Republican in the 1980’s, to elect Ronald Reagan. Since then, demographics changed along with swarms of new residents, to the point where local Republicans are irrelevant. A donation to Trump is considered a form of protest.

Ben Carson will be looking into increasing the supply of affordable housing.

California’s entertainment industry currently loves its Democrats but it’s always been a place for Republicans to fund raise. Debra Messing, the “Will and Grace” TV star recently suggested the names of those who attend Trump fund raisers should be made public, presumably to boycott businesses and harass private citizens.

President Trump remembers when she sang a different tune. “I have not forgotten that when it was announced that I was going to do The Apprentice, and when it then became a big hit, helping NBC’s failed lineup greatly, @DebraMessing came up to me at an Upfront & profusely thanked me, even calling me “Sir.” How times have changed!” Trump tweeted. “Hollywood is really terrible. You talk about racist – Hollywood is racist,” he said.

Another hot button issue will be Trump’s disagreement with the state over fuel efficiency standards. He wants to end California’s control of setting mileage standards. He also wants the return of heavier cars. They’re safer and cheaper, even if they’re tougher on gas. A few of those models would get the mothballed GM factories back up and running.

“California wants you to do the other cars and we don’t,” Trump said. “We will end up in big litigation and I am fighting for you,” he told the crowd.

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