Arizona Republicans Want Trump — No GOP Primary Needed

Arizona’s GOP Chairman, Dr. Kelli Ward, announced in a letter hand delivered to the Secretary of State Monday morning that the Republican Party won’t be holding a presidential primary this cycle.

“Arizonans are excited and energized to send President Trump back to the White House for four more years,” Ward wrote in a statement to local news. Republicans decided to save the taxpayers some money. “By opting out of the presidential preference election, our united Republican Party of Arizona will save taxpayers millions as we look ahead to the general election on November 3.”

The primary election scheduled for March of 2020 is officially canceled. Why waste money when President Donald Trump has the state’s GOP contest overwhelmingly secure. “This president’s list of accomplishments in his first term are unprecedented – from jobs to securing our border to taking care of our veterans to making health care more affordable – and Arizonans have directly benefited.”

Dr. Ward isn’t doing anything unusual by calling off the primary, or as Arizona likes to call it, the “preference election.” It usually happens whenever the incumbent president chooses to seek a second term, both Republican and Democrat.

There is no doubt that “the president’s support among Arizona Republicans has remained strong.” Fiscally conservative Republican voters are thrilled that they won’t be spending money to print useless ballots.

Democrats are mostly unhappy about the move because when you hold a primary election, people register so they can vote in them. Democrats depend on signing up all the new voters they can get their hands on. Some say they don’t care if they are breathing or not, as long as the signature looks valid.

Democrats have infiltrated Maricopa County, the states largest district, with Californians fleeing burdening taxes and impossible living costs. Now they are trying to bring their failed policies to Arizona.

They have been finding their schemes frustrated by fiercely conservative independent voters in the rest of the state.

The 2016 Senate election was a disaster for GOP “moderates.” A centrist candidate, Martha McSally, was strongly opposed by independents. She got the primary nod anyway. In the general election, independent conservatives refused to vote for her.

To send a message, there was a concerted effort to actually vote Democrat. The idea was, if the Republicans wanted the voters to elect a Democrat to the Senate anyway, then Arizona should have one that was at least out of the closet and not a RINO sleeper cell. Democrat Kristen Sinema won in a landslide.

GOP insiders were so flustered that they made a back room deal for McSally to take John McCain’s seat, and RINO Governor Doug Ducey appointed her as a Senator anyway.

Now, McSally will have to face the voters again to see if she’ll get to keep her seat, but at least Donald Trump is secure.

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