Kamala Harris Thanks Voter For Calling Trump ‘Mentally Retarded’

Kamala Harris is determined to catch up to Joe Biden in the polls, so she turned to one of his favorite tactics, the gaffe.

On Friday, Harris stuck her foot in her mouth, all the way up to the knee. She didn’t even know it until the next day, when she was forced to issue an apology. Taking questions from voters at a town hall in Londonderry, New Hampshire, Harris was confronted by a voter from her mom’s home town, Chennai, India. Her performance has people asking if she was smoking some of that weed that makes you hear music from the future, again.

The immigrant began by complaining about how after “all this effort” that he made, his American dream was shattered by President Donald Trump’s election. You could tell the man was biased. “Somehow a racist bigot gets into the White House,” the voter began, proceeding to make a totally false claim. “Then, he says if you’re not my color you need to go back to your own country.”

Trump never said that, but the left loves to mislead people into thinking he did. Kamala was hanging on his every word and with him all the way, even though she knows it’s not true.

Then he feeds her a straight line for the canned soundbite she had in reserve. “So, I am scared for this country. I am scared for the people of color in this country.” Apparently, that’s when she tuned out. Everything up until then was background. Harris, a former prosecuting attorney, claims she missed hearing the man ask his actual question.

“What would you do, in the next one year, to diminish the mentally retarded action of this guy?”

“Well said, well said.” She laughed and answered. “I plan to win this election, I’ll tell you that. It’s going to be about working as hard as I possibly can to get there, because over the course of this next year that’s what it’s going to take to unseat him.”

She made sure to pat him on the back for saying what is on every progressive mind. “Thank you for having the courage to stand up and say it. There are a lot of people living with extreme fear right now in our country, extreme fear.” Fear brought about by breaking the law and hiding from justice. She totally missed the “mentally retarded” label. It didn’t raise a single red flag in her mind as it breezed right on by.

Twitter noticed it. The liberal’s were the first to be outraged. “I hate amplifying content I know the right will seize on and twist for their own hypocritical gain, but this hurts my heart. #CripTheVote,” advocate Kendally Brown tweeted.

Deaf actor and activist Nyle DiMarco added, “1)R-word is unacceptable. It is a slur, an insult. 2) Kamala should have handled this better. An apology is needed.”

Harris apologized. “I would never condone anyone using that word in any way, shape or form, even including the guy — against the guy I’m running against.” Well, not intentionally. She claims she wasn’t listening. “I heard him talk about the other stuff. And then that came later. And it was not something that I really heard or processed, you know, in any way.” Weed really messes with your short term memory.

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4 Replies to “Kamala Harris Thanks Voter For Calling Trump ‘Mentally Retarded’”

  1. I call BS! We already know that Kamala the Slut is a liar. She heard the “mentally retarded” comment alright, in fact, he may have even been a plant. Either way, Kamala the Slut was and was perfectly fine letting it ride, even if the right made waves about it. Once leftists started shaming her, also, that’s when she suddenly decided to apologize, but only after lying about never hearing it. Standard behavior for a Communist Democrap.

  2. Admiral McRaven said in a statement to CNN on Sunday in response to Trump’s comments. “I did not back Hillary Clinton or anyone else. I am a fan of President Obama and President George W. Bush, both of whom I worked for.”

    “I admire all presidents, regardless of their political party, who uphold the dignity of the office and who use that office to bring the Nation together in challenging times.”

    “I stand by my comment that the President’s attack on the media is the greatest threat to our democracy in my lifetime. When you undermine the people’s right to a free press and freedom of speech and expression, then you threaten the Constitution and all for which it stands.”

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