Over A Year Of Investigation But No Arrest In VA Serial Killer Case

The Veteran’s Affairs Department keeps insisting that the suspected serial killer doesn’t work at the VA Hospital anymore, but they sidestep the fact that he’s running around loose.

He’s probably working in the medical field somewhere else. “Allegations of potential misconduct you may have heard about in media reports do not involve any current Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center employees.”

West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has been following this issue closely since at least nine deaths were declared suspicious in early July of 2018. He was furious to learn from news reports, just last week, that at least one had been conclusively ruled a homicide.

On Thursday, July 5th 2018, Senator Manchin’s office “was notified by the VA Inspector General that at least nine in-patients at the Clarksburg VA hospital had been diagnosed with significant hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) of unclear cause over the past 9 months, and that they had opened a medical and criminal investigation into the matter.”

His office was told that it would be looked into but that is all he was ever told. “My office repeatedly followed-up with the IG to request updates, but we were told that because of the ongoing IG investigation, specific details or updates could not be provided.” Then, he saw the headlines.

Veterans Felix McDermott and George Shaw were the first victims identified.

“They have a person of interest,” Manchin notes. He immediately reached out to the Department of Justice. “I said, ‘It shouldn’t take that long to find the evidence. It’s been over a year now.'” Manchin was especially upset that “we had to find out from the press.”

The families are also learning from news reports that the death of their relatives was murder. They are coming out of the woodwork with more details. The latest word is that most, if not all, of the deaths happened on the same floor, 3A.

The attorney for the family of victim Felix McDermott announced last week that an autopsy done in February proved that the veteran’s death was a murder. That brought a second family forward. They confirmed they were told by investigators that Air Force veteran George Shaw was also murdered. Since then, five more have been added to the list.

“Without the OIG, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney, none of these families would know a thing,” Tony O’Dell said. The attorney for the McDermott family is steamed because, “the VA itself has never contacted any of these families, that I’m aware of, to give them information.”

Senator Manchin knows that Attorney General Barr came on the scene only recently, but he is the man at the top, so should be able to build a fire under his investigators. Manchin decided to bring the AG up to speed with the information already known. He also asked to be made aware of any difficulties encountered so he can lend a hand.

“Please let me know immediately if you or your office require any additional resources or authority from Congress to complete this investigation thoroughly and expeditiously,” Manchin wrote.

“Time is of the essence and the public deserves answers immediately. With each passing day, more and more Veterans could be unknowingly placed in harm’s way.”

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