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James Comey Got ‘The Same Get Out Of Jail Card’ He Gave Hillary Clinton

Inspector General Michael Horowitz, the watchdog that looks over the Department of Justice, found some “clear violations” of department policies, but Attorney General William Barr decided not to press charges against James Comey, at least not for that.

The Inspector General referred Comey for possible prosecution regarding seven memos he wrote, documenting interactions he had with President Donald Trump. One of those memos he intentionally leaked to the New York Times.

As Fox News analyst Gregg Jarrett puts it, “He got the same ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’ that he gave Hillary Clinton.” Even so, Jarrett is convinced that “he’s not out of the woods yet.” The Federal Bureau of Instigation and the Department of Injustice have a lot of explaining to do.

“He’s not out of the woods yet. James Comey’s actually very lucky that he did not get an indictment. [Comey] could have been charged…with theft of government documents. These documents were government property, they were not his. That’s a clear violation.”

Prosecutors may still have something up their sleeve. “I just think that prosecutors decided perhaps that this isn’t the best case against Comey, maybe waiting in the wings is a FISA case against Comey.”

He has good reason to believe that. “The lion’s share of the Inspector General’s investigation deals with lying to the FISA court in order to gain a wiretap warrant to spy on a former associate of President Donald Trump, Carter Page…James Comey is one of the individuals who signed off on a FISA warrant and concealing evidence and deceiving the judges.”

Comey couldn’t wait to go on Twitter. “A ‘sorry we lied about you’ would be nice,” he posted.

Jarrett can’t believe the arrogance that Comey has for hinting he’s owed an apology after skating on six potential felonies. “James Comey is being a little arrogant in his tweet demanding the equivalent of an apology because he’s still in legal jeopardy. He got the same ‘Get Out of Jail Free Card’ that he gave Hillary Clinton.”

Former federal prosecutor Randy Zelin was offended by Comey’s tweet too. “Technically, you’re not supposed to take that kind of information home. You have to acknowledge that what you did was wrong.”

Especially after a previous IG investigation found that when he gave Hillary that famous get out of jail free card, he didn’t have the authority to do it. “A previous inspector general investigation concluded that Comey ‘usurped’ the authority of the attorney general by essentially exonerating Clinton,” James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal writes.

“This sort of sense that he sets his own rules…was the same issue that got him condemned by AG’s, former AG’s and deputy AG’s of both parties in the Clinton matter…where he took on responsibilities that the FBI director doesn’t have.”

President Trump didn’t take long to post a tweet either. “Perhaps never in the history of our Country has someone been more thoroughly disgraced and excoriated than James Comey in the just released Inspector General’s Report. He should be ashamed of himself!”

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham had a few choice words as well, labeling Comey a “proven liar and leaker.” He disgraced himself she notes. “Because Comey shamefully leaked information to the press — in blatant violation of FBI policies — the Nation was forced to endure the baseless politically motivated, two-year witch hunt. Comey disgraced himself and his office to further a personal political agenda, and this report further confirms that fact.”

Rep. Jim Jordan agrees. “By leaking his confidential communications with the President in an attempt to save face in the wake of his firing, Mr. Comey believed he was above the rules of the DOJ. His actions were disgraceful and part of a wider effort within the Obama Justice Department to undermine President Trump.”

Rep. Doug Collins also issued a statement. “This report confirms that James Comey violated the FBI’s own standards of conduct and was dishonest about how he handled classified material. This further cements the need for us to get to the root of how the Russia investigation began. It’s time to restore Americans’ confidence that federal law enforcement is committed to justice and free from political gamesmanship.”

One of the things that really got Republican lawmakers fired up from the IG report was where FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s swore up and down that Comey only shared the memos with a “very, very small group of close advisers.” As Elizabeth Harrington notes, “A ‘very, very small group’ is usually how coups work.”

Getting to the bottom of the FISA court scandal is where all the pay dirt will be. That’s where all the nastiness happened that “weaponized” the Department of Justice, making Watergate look like a third rate burglary.

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One Reply to “James Comey Got ‘The Same Get Out Of Jail Card’ He Gave Hillary Clinton”

  1. Citizens of this Country are annoyed that certain individuals in Important , High Level , “Decision Making” Positions , are walking “Free”, with “Get Out Of Jail ” cards , while it’s quite obvious that they are ” In It up to their Necks ” in Horseshit . This is NOT sending a very positive message to Americans , who want to trust that there is “Some Kind ” of Justice left in this Country. What adds insult to injury , is that these “Free Criminals” have the audacity , and arrogance , to shoot their mouths off to anyone who will listen. One or more of them have been hired by Left-Wing Media , to continue the “Witch Hunt”. So, When does it Stop? “Transparency” level right now, is that of a bowl of Pea Soup.

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