Warren Goes On War Path Against Wall Street

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren put out a video on Sunday calling U.S. companies un-American for wanting to make a profit. Pocahontas is on the war path, accusing companies “of hurting American workers to bolster their financial bottom line.”

In typical progressive double-speak she calls her scheme “economic patriotism.” It’s more like economic terrorism. Warren plans to create a whole new government agency to spend taxpayer money as fast as it can be printed to keep companies from making a dime. Her “Department of Economic Development” will make sure that every worker gets a living wage, free healthcare, education, and reparations for former slaves before the capitalist investors harvest a single penny of profit.

As Radio personality Howie Carr puts it, it’s just like her Native American proposal, a “laundry list of free stuff.”

According to the 1024th Cherokee, big businesses are sucking the life out of our country. “They have no loyalty or allegiance to America. Levi’s blue jeans? Only two percent of their factories are here in America.” She doesn’t stop to think that the economic policies of the previous administration had anything to do with that.

“The maker of the famous No.2 pencil — they make most of those pencils in China and Mexico. And General Electric — they recently shipped jobs from Wisconsin, across the border to Canada.” They had no choice if they wanted to stay in business under the Barack Obama regime.

“If they can close up an American factory and ship jobs overseas to save a nickel, that is exactly what they’ll do.” Instead of trying to level the playing field so that American companies can compete and profit here in the U.S., like President Trump has been doing since he took office, Warren wants more regulation.

Her new Department of Economic Development would replace the Commerce Department and “a handful of other federal agencies.” Their sole purpose, “creating jobs.” Like out of thin air. That’s how Obama and Joe Biden ended up shoveling bull manure at the Solyndra factory to tout “shovel ready” jobs that never materialized.

President Trump has created so many new jobs that unemployment is at historically low levels, even for minorities. Warren wants to go back to Obama’s way of doing things by smoke and mirrors. She also wants to tie it up in bureaucratic red tape. “We’ll direct the new agency to use aggressive new tools… [and] we’ll use them to boost American workers.” She doesn’t exactly provide any details of what that boost will entail.

She doesn’t want you to think about all that federal bloat. “This is not a question of more government or less government, it’s about who government works for. I have a plan to get us there.” So, in her opinion, more government is a good thing, as long as she’s in charge of it. Sounds like she already has the kickbacks and rakeoffs all lined up.

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