Justice Department Ethics Officials Cleared Barr’s Party Plans In Advance

Every year, Attorney General William Barr holds a big traditional Irish or Scottish family gathering called a “ceilidh.” He typically invites 200 guests. This year won’t be any different, except it will be held in one of President Donald Trump’s hotels.

Barr knew that there might be a conflict, especially in this tense political climate, where democrats blow every little thing into potential grounds for impeachment. That’s why he went straight to the Ethics department and told them all about his plans.

Not a problem, they said. Have fun and you have nothing to worry about, it’s not an issue. Progressives can’t seem to accept that decision so they are trying him in the press over it.

A high ranking Department of Justice official calmly explained to the Washington Post that “Barr settled on the Trump property after learning that Washington’s Willard and Mayflower hotels could not accommodate the December event.” It wasn’t his first choice and he needs someplace that will accommodate his guests.

The official denied that there could be any attempt to gain brownie points with Trump by booking the event. The official insists, “career ethics officials in the Justice Department were consulted before the site was secured, and they determined that rules did not prohibit him from hosting his annual party at the Trump hotel. There were no ethical or legal issues that would prevent him from holding his party at the hotel.”

He also pointed out that “Barr is not receiving a discount.” Every year, Barr invites “a swath of family and friends for food and music,” the official notes, adding that it is “not a Justice Department event.”

For this year’s celebration, Barr booked the hotel’s Presidential Ballroom, “which will include a buffet and a four-hour open bar.” Other sources relate that he forked over “$4,500 to rent the ballroom – which was designed by Ivanka Trump before she joined her father in the White House.” As part of the deal, he has to spend “at least $135 per person on food and drink.” It is expected to wind up costing around $30,000.

Even one of President Trump’s most vocal critics is calling the post story fake news. George Conway, the infamous husband of presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway, insists that it’s no big deal and shouldn’t be making headlines in the first place. It’s not nearly as serious as Ilhan Omar getting caught in an adulterous affair at taxpayer expense.

“Frankly, this is a silly story. Barr is paying for the party out of his own pocket. The hotel is next door to DOJ. The notion that the small profit from this would improve his standing with Trump, especially given how Barr misled the public about the Mueller report, is absurd,” Conway posted on Twitter.

“If it were Barr’s hotel, and Trump were writing the check, I agree it would stink. If these were public funds, yeah, crank up the IG. But this just doesn’t cut it as something to get outraged about.”

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