New Survey Shows Younger Americans Need A Civics Lesson

A new poll released shows a disturbing trend among American Millennials regarding their views on the value of patriotism, religion, and family. It’s time to bring civics classes back to our schools.

The poll, conducted by Wall Street Journal and NBC News, shows that the younger generations value these principles much less than previous ones. “The common social institutions and philosophies around which the country was formed and has continued to progress are dissolving.” Ben Shapiro said on Fox’s show, “The Story.”

He also said, “If you get rid of patriotism — an innate belief that the country and the principles upon which it was founded are wonderful — and you get rid of religion… and then you get rid of even a care of the future… the question becomes what exactly are the ties that bind us together, other than watching the Super Bowl once a year.”

According to the poll, the percentage of those surveyed who view patriotism as important fell 9%. Those saying religion was an important value fell 12%, and having children and a family fell by 16%.

This survey began 21 years ago, to measure what Americans valued most. In that first survey, those polled responded, “principles of hard work, patriotism, commitment to religion, and the goal of having children” were important. What a difference from the attitude of today’s millennials.

Fox News and radio personality Sean Hannity provided his own commentary on the survey as well, saying on his television show, “What does it all mean? It means that as younger Americans feel less and less patriotic, they’re also turning toward socialism.”

Exactly, we have an entire generation now coming of age, which has little to no memory of the cold war or the Soviet Union. Hannity blamed this downward spiral among our millennial youth on indoctrination by liberal college professors. “Far-left professors,” he said, “seem to sadly be achieving their goal of indoctrinating our young kids into their socialist radical beliefs.”

Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” This is exactly he was talking about and feared.

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