President Trump’s First Term A Huge Success

The 2020 election cycle is now in full swing, and the Democrat primary season is heating up fast, even though the first primaries and caucuses are still several months away. Anyone following the campaign coverage on network news media is constantly bombarded with a flood of negative stories.

Everything that the liberal propaganda machine puts out is an attack on President Donald Trump’s character and integrity. You would never know what a great job he has been doing since he took office.

If you watched the Sunday morning talk shows yesterday, you probably heard talk about a possible recession on the horizon. Anyone relying on the liberal news media like CNN, MSNBC, or even local news media, as their only source of information, would probably think that President Trump can’t do anything right. That he is an evil and racist monster. It’s hard to find any of the talking heads mentioning a single one of the President’s accomplishments. He even donates his salary back to the people.

Four million new jobs have been created since the 2016 election, but you hear nary a word about that in the media. Why, because it doesn’t help the left wing narrative. If this major improvement had occurred under a Democratic administration, you would only hear lavish praise coming from the liberal fake news media.

More Americans are now employed than at any other time in the nation’s history. The media is jealous that this didn’t happen under President Barack Obama, but was a walk in the park for President Trump. More than 400,000 manufacturing jobs have been created since Trump took office, and they have been growing at the fastest rate in more than three decades. Compare that to Obama and Biden propping up a shaky solar company that would end up collapsing anyway, just so they could promote a handful of “shovel ready” jobs.

Economic growth hit 4.2 percent last quarter, and new unemployment claims have hit a 49-year low. Unemployment rates among African-Americans and Hispanics, as well as women and youth, have reached all-time lows. For that, Donald Trump is called a racist and misogynist. Unemployment rates are also at all-time lows for those without high school diplomas and veterans.

Even more Americans have been lifted off food stamps and placed toward a path of self-sufficiency as the economy continues to recover. Which is more compassionate, keeping those Americans in poverty on food stamps and welfare rolls, or empowering them by giving them the tools and skills to succeed? More jobs lets more people be self-sufficient and independent.

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Numerous regulations have also been ended, slashing red tape that was snarling business growth. Less regulation lets the free market and the American free enterprise spirit flourish as it was meant to. Community Banks and credit unions have also seen regulatory burdens lifted, freeing up more money to invest in new ideas.

Don’t fall for the false narrative coming from the globalist media that the sky is falling and get discouraged. All the indicators point to a 2020 election victory for President Donald Trump, but conservatives need to stay energized and mobilized. We’re in for a tough fight in the year to come.

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