Sanders Wants To Give Prisoners Special ‘Rights’

Socialist Vermont Senator, and Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders wants to “reform every aspect of America’s dysfunctional criminal justice system.”

According to Sanders, the answer to all of America’s criminal justice problems is to end “for-profit greed,” by expanding the rights of inmates. Sanders has been against privately operated prisons for years.

He also wants to do away with the present system of “cash bail” and allow drug lords to keep their booty by abolishing the asset forfeiture program. Bernie wants the American taxpayers to provide more public defenders, and give them more money, so they can “better serve certain communities.”

Another plank of Bernie’s platform would be a “Prisoner Bill of Rights.” His scheme would pay “living wages” to prisoners, just for sitting in their cells, and provide “educational training as well as the right to vote.” There is a reason why criminals lose the right to vote. Bernie wants to give the right back so they can vote for Democrats, considering how most prisoners have been voting Democrat as soon as they come of age.

Sanders is making his way along the campaign trail, coming down out of the Vermont snow to court African-Americans in Columbia, South Carolina. Bernie’s trailing way behind the only other old white guy in the race, and he’s trying to score points with those who have been offended by Biden’s overt segregationism. Biden’s plan is to set up a $20 billion grant program “aimed at pressuring states to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent crimes.

Bernie had a town hall on Sunday, where he called his plan,”perhaps the boldest criminal justice reform package in the history of United States politics.”

Sanders is polishing his approach before he goes up against Kamala Harris and Corey Booker in the next debate for Democrats, ahead of their primary. Bernie is floating the idea of “creating an unarmed civilian corp of first responders.” These parapolice would be first on the scene for “low-level” issues such as “homelessness and mental health emergencies.”

Another thing that Bernie wants to do is take more of the decision making authority out of the hands of police officers on the streets. His goal is to “reduce the number of incidents of excessive police force.” The way he plans to do it is by establishing nations guidelines that “emphasize de-escalation rather than violence.”

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If Sanders were elected, he would abolish the death penalty in favor of lifetime food, shelter and clothing for violent offenders. Along with that living wage he promised.

About the only one of his proposals that makes sense is the one to legalize marijuana. If Americans no longer were sent to jail for something which is only vaguely a crime, it would go a long way to “cutting the incarcerated population in half.”

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3 Replies to “Sanders Wants To Give Prisoners Special ‘Rights’”

  1. The Socialist mindset is a truly Undesireable thing in America…. Why doesn’t he and or the rest of those with similar mindsets, live in Russia or China? Why be an American and do everything he can to destroy it??? One word for Bernnie Sanders aka BS, “TRAITOR”.

  2. The more he talks the more stupid and asinine things he says! If he gets the nomination I hope he chooses AOC as his running mate. What a pair they would make!

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