Rashida Tlaib Refuses Special Permit Allowing Visit To Her Grandmother

Rashida Tlaib is making headlines again. You may remember her as the freshman Congresswoman who stood outside the capitol yelling to her supporters, “we are going to impeach that M*****F***er!” Now she’s in the midst of a new controversy.

Along with Ilhan Omar, Tlaib was denied entry by the State of Israel into their country. She originally wanted to pass through as part of a congressional delegation to “Palestine.” Not Israel, Palestine. The two Muslim lawmakers planned to promote a boycott of Israeli goods. When Israel’s government leaders got tipped off as to the real nature of their plan, they pulled the plug and denied the women entry into the country.

Israel left the door open to allow Tlaib, but not Omar, to pass through. She then requested, and they granted, a special permit allowing her to visit her grandmother in the West Bank. After all, that is a “humanitarian” reason.

Tlaib wasn’t expecting that. She was hoping they would deny it so she could use it against them. The only reason for her to go is to spread her progressive propaganda. If she can’t do that, why bother going? Now the Michigan Democrat refuses to meet her grandmother, citing “oppressive conditions meant to humiliate her.”

“Apparently her hate for Israel overcomes her love for her grandmother,” Israel’s interior minister Aryeh Deri tweeted.

First, she refused to acknowledge the existence of the Jewish state, she was barred for reasons that she is supporting an International boycott movement against the state of Israel, she signs an agreement stating that she will not participate in a boycott against Israel while visiting the West Bank, Israel agrees to admit her entrance to the West Bank to visit her grandmother on humanitarian grounds, now she is refusing the visa citing, “oppressive conditions meant to humiliate her.” Huh?

A lot of people are thinking that her true purpose in this is to be able to point to it and say, “see, Israel is an oppressive, apartheid state. They want to use my grandmother to try and humiliate and silence me.”

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After denying the state of Israel’s existence by favoring Palestine, a state that truly does not exist, while helping to lead the anti-Semitic BDS movement against Israel, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Israel would deny entry. They are under threat of terrorism and rocket attacks by some of Tlaib’s fellow Muslims.

Her refusal to visit her grandmother only because she can’t lead a boycott against the Jewish state is disingenuous. She cites “oppressive conditions,” but that only leads one to wonder what her real motives are.

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