ICE Captain Won’t Stop For Liberal Protesters [Watch]


The law is clear that protesters are not allowed to block traffic. That isn’t protesting, it’s “civil disobedience.” Some states have even passed laws explicitly allowing drivers to run over a protester in the middle of the road. That doesn’t stop progressives from using it as a radical new technique.

Ultra-liberal Huffington post devoted an entire article to the subject. “The seemingly innocuous phrase ‘going to work’ obscures an entire system which is killing people and quite literally destroying our world,” they write. “That’s why blocking traffic is a revolutionary act. It literally forces people to stop. It forces the whole system to stop, even if just for a few minutes.” Preventing people from getting to work, even for a few minutes can cause a huge disruption they explain. “Yes, blocking traffic inconveniences people. That’s the point. Social change is never convenient.”

Captain Thomas Woodworth of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency wasn’t about to stop. With the headlines over the past few weeks getting uglier every day, he wasn’t going to take a chance on getting bushwhacked. He honked his horn and tried to plow on through.

Woodworth hesitated enough to give them a chance to get clear, but when protesters surrounded his truck and jumped on the back, he started moving again. Unfortunately, the protesters didn’t have enough sense to clear out of the way and at least a couple of them were injured. Five were treated at the hospital. Jerry Belair “suffered a broken leg, internal bleeding and a possible back injury.” Most of them were treated for inhaling pepper spray. As soon as his truck was engulfed by protesters, Woodworth got on his radio and several officers scrambled to his aid. They disbursed the mob with their professional strength pepper spray.

Liberal media is freaking out. They are outraged that someone would do such a thing. Lou Dobbs seems to be the only one standing up for the conservative side of the story. Just before he had former Ice Director Tom Homan on his program, he mentioned what happened in Rhode Island, and explained how the protesters were the ones in the wrong.

Members of the Jewish pro-immigration group Never Again Action have been peacefully protesting outside the Wyatt Detention Facility, in Central Falls, Rhode Island. Dobbs points out that Wednesday night, the protesters were the real aggressors. “These demonstrators [were] blocking entrance to a facility holding illegal immigrants. When the driver tried to pull in to the parking lot, the protesters surrounded him, yelling, banging on the hood of the truck. Blocking his entrance to the facility.”

“In jurisdictions all around the country, by the way, what they committed was assault. Trying to stop and block a vehicle is considered assault. And some instances, banging on an occupied vehicle is considered assault. Which, obviously, demonstrators may have committed in Rhode Island last night.”

South Dakota’s Rep. Lynne DiSanto took fire for in the past for a social media meme of a truck driving into protesters which reads: “Nobody cares about your protest. Keep your ass out of the road.” DiSanto added, “I think this is a movement we can all support. #alllivessplatter.” Pennsylvania Rep. Aaron Bernstine, once tweeted: “If anyone EVER tries to stop my car on a highway with negative intentions… I will not stop under any conditions.”

Tom Homan was quick to address the issue when the camera turned his way. Protesters, Homan insisted, have to understand, “ICE employees, especially our contractors that run our facilities for us, they’re on edge.” Especially after a recent drive by shooting in Texas. “We’ve had someone shoot at an ICE office yesterday in San Antonio, barely missing, by inches, an employee, murdering one of our employees.”

Another recent event happened in Washington state that was still fresh in Homan’s mind. “I did a Fox op-ed today and I released a video today from a one of our facilities in Tacoma, Washington, where the man shot up the building then he tried to blow it up with propane tanks and catch the building on fire – which would kill 1300 people in that building, many were locked up. Hundreds of immigrants would have perished in that if he would’ve been successful.” Homan emphasized, “ICE employees are on edge. They’re under attack. And our contractors are under attack.”

Captain Woodworth was suspended on “administrative leave” while the paperwork gets straightened out. Two investigations are looking into the incident. One by the Rhode Island State Police and the other an internal investigation by ICE.

“Once we have a full understanding of the relevant facts, we will determine how to proceed,” the state’s Attorney General promised.

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One left-leaning former state lawmaker is trying to stir up fake controversy. “I also want to make very clear that literally dozens of us from tonight’s protest asked, clamored, demanded that the police take witness statements about the attack, and they actively refused to do so,” J. Aaron Regunberg lied.

“That is absolutely not true,” declared chief of the Central Falls Police Department, Colonel Daniel J. Barzykowski. We asked anyone that saw anything to come to the station and file a report.” The liberal protesters are simply too lazy to go down to the station in the daytime to give their side of the story.

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4 Replies to “ICE Captain Won’t Stop For Liberal Protesters [Watch]”

  1. It is not a “technique” it is just plain stupidity! Blocking a road as a protest is not legal and they were attempting to stop a man on his way to work. Pounding on his truck is an attack on him! Glad no one was badly injured but they got what they deserved and apparently wanted.

  2. Notice that Captain Woodworth was suspended “administrative leave” (with pay, I hope) which will go on his record. He probably would have been late and “dinged” for that anyway had he simply stopped. So, while these “protesters” are systematically wreaking havoc in every way, shape and form is there nothing that can be done? These are peaceful protests. These are not innocent victims of our society. They are terrorists with 1st Amendment rights. Only in America.

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