Antifa Protesters Whine About LAPD ‘Nazi’ Tactics

Antifa protestors in Los Angeles are whining about the LAPD’s use of an informant — to spy on meetings held by their domestic terrorist organization. The group even  alluded to Nazi Germany in their description of the Los Angeles Police Department’s tactics, in an opinion story that was published by the Los Angeles Times this week.

Because the meetings included discussions on breaking the law, the LAPD had an obligation — in the interest of protecting the public, which is the job of law enforcement — to use whatever lawful means necessary to prevent any action or behavior that would endanger the public safety. The LAPD is well within it’s rights to use informants for this purpose.

The catalyst for this were two 2017 protests in which members of the group “Refuse Fascism” walked out onto the 101 Freeway in downtown LA, and proceeded to block morning rush-hour traffic. The reason for this unlawful action was to protest the “Trump/Pence regime.” The participants were subsequently prosecuted.

Mistrials were declared for two of the defendants, Alex Antonio, and Chantelle Hershberger. Both are to be retried later this month. The second trial should go a lot smoother, since they publicly wrote up a confession. An “op-ed” published in the Los Angeles Times, LA’s primary source for liberal propaganda, was written by none other than Mr. Antonio and Ms. Hershberger.

They said the reason for the first freeway blockade was that “Donald Trump said there were ‘fine people’ among the torch bearing white supremacists” at the Charlottesville, Virginia protests in August of 2017. Those on the left have intentionally misinterpreted President Trump’s “fine people” comment.

President Trump was not referring to white supremacists or to Neo-Nazis as “fine people.” He was talking about the people who took a side in the Robert E. Lee statue debate aiming merely to preserve southern history and heritage.

You don’t have to be a white supremacist to want to protect the history and culture of the southern part of the U.S. The two defendants then went on to whine about the use of an informant by the LAPD to spy on their meetings. Something that the LAPD had every right to do, since law breaking is usually discussed at these meetings. They then compared the LAPD to Nazi Germany, which is predictable, considering who the writers of the op-ed are.

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Let’s hope and pray that the next jury is not similarly deadlocked. The two defendants need to be held accountable for their actions, especially after their confessions in the open court of public opinion.

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