Videos Of Crying Immigrant Children Just A Gimmick

On Wednesday, with helicopters circling overhead, federal immigration agents rounded up 680 illegals. All were working at chicken processing plants in Mississippi. The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Mississippi, Mike Hurst, called it “a record setting operation” that took place in six different cities.

Mainstream network media flooded America with videos of crying kids, exploiting frightened children as political pawns. Referring to one particular video that the left has been promoting heavily, Mark Morgan understands why the 11-year-old girl is crying but he does not have a whole lot of sympathy.

The acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency insists that the outrage is nothing but a gimmick. The girl was reunited with her mother right after the video.

Only one day following the raid, 300 illegals, which is almost half, had been released right back to their families and given a chance to straighten their situation out in court. Officials stressed nobody was being harmed, in fact they went out of their way to make sure families were reunited.

The one thing nobody on the left even wants to consider is that if these families followed the law in the beginning, they wouldn’t be so nervous now.

Heart-wrenching tears and sobs punctuate the unidentified girl’s cries. “My dad didn’t do nothing. He’s not a criminal.” Actually, he is a criminal, but nobody wants to face that fact. Liberals continue to lie to the poor girl instead of explaining that laws are useless if they aren’t enforced.

“Her father committed a crime,” Morgan explains. A family is going to be separated if a parent commits a crime, regardless the infraction, he notes. He also stressed that even some of the other migrants were objecting to the use of the video. “I know it’s emotional and I know it’s done on purpose, to show a picture like that,” one scolded. Morgan wants to know why nobody wants to interview the people that are affected by illegal immigration, “because a majority of time in the cases,” he points out, “individuals that are here illegally, they also steal identities of U.S. citizens.

They get fraudulent documents.” When an illegal uses a stolen Social Security number, “it is not just a victimless crime that’s going on here.” That’s only one of the ways that citizens are negatively impacted.

The main stream media has been quick to point out that employers are often let off with little or no penalty, but in this particular enforcement action, a separate investigation into company management is ongoing. Morgan assures that this “was a joint operation between ICE and the Department of Justice targeting work site enforcement of immigration laws.”

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They’re working under warrants that came about after months of intense investigation working with undercover informants. Some of the best evidence they gathered comes from electronic monitoring bracelets. Any person wearing one was totally ineligible to be hired for work. Numerous ankle bracelets beamed off their GPS coordinates day in and day out, proving that illegals were on the job.

It’s a huge sweep but this was just a beginning. “I want people to know that if they come into the United States illegally, they’re getting out,” President Trump told reporters. “They’re going to be brought out. And this serves as a very good deterrent.”

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One Reply to “Videos Of Crying Immigrant Children Just A Gimmick”

  1. What many of us do not understand is how this happens to tons of American families every day – Children are separated by Child Protective Services every single day from parents who have committed no crime. Only they often are NOT quickly reunited.
    Yet there is no public outcry. Why?
    Here are some facts taken from federal data sources:
    *Less than 16% of American children taken from their parents are taken for any kind of abuse. (Some are taken essentially for being poor, for getting a second medical opinion, or because a vindictive neighbor or relative made false allegations.)
    *Only 17% of allegations against parents are ever substantiated.
    *Children are at least 6 times more likely to be abused, molested, raped, or killed in foster care than in their own homes, even if that home is a “troubled” home.

    MOST of the half million children in foster care every year do not belong there. Even in the small percentage of cases where there is actual abuse, the children could often safely be placed with relatives instead of strangers.

    This is a massive problem that few are paying attention to. WHY?

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