Trump Rule Requires Immigrants To Pay Their Own Way

Our fearless leader found yet another way to totally infuriate progressive globalists. Heads are exploding all over the nation’s capital on Monday after President Donald Trump laid down a new immigration rule. “To protect benefits for American citizens, immigrants must be financially self-sufficient,” the president proclaimed.

Under the new guideline, officials will “deny green cards to migrants if they believe the recipients will receive public benefits like food stamps, Medicaid, or housing vouchers,” USA Today reports.

Democrats are still reeling from another move Trump made earlier this year. The only reason the mainstream media hasn’t tried to crucify him over that one, was because it was Bill Clinton’s idea. Trump dusted off one of Clinton’s rules from 1996 that “requires sponsors of green card holders to reimburse the government for welfare benefits.”

The latest move is an extension of the Clinton measure, meant to ensure that “those approved for legal residency support themselves,” one official notes. Starting October 15, according to the executive order signed by the president, customs and immigration officers are “to consider public assistance in deciding whether to grant legal assistance, along with other facts like health, education, and household income.”

The rule is so strict that it covers not only those already receiving benefits, but also those that are likely to need them in the future.

As can be expected, progressives are beside themselves in anger. The National Immigration Law Center calls the order “a race motivated wealth test on immigrant families seeking a healthy, stable future in the US.” As noted in their tweet, “If this goes into effect, it would have a devastating impact on millions. We WILL fight back. Stay tuned for updates.” They are typing up a lawsuit to block it now.

Robert Greenstein, president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is worried. “The rule reflects a dark vision of the United States,” he asserts, “as an unwelcoming nation that wants to keep out people who seek to join their family, work hard, and climb the economic ladder.” All of that is based, he wrongly claims, “on the erroneous assumption that they won’t contribute to our communities, our economy, and our nation.”

Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, pushed back hard. The only purpose of the law he insists, is to promote self-sufficiency. “Through the public charge rule, President Trump’s administration is re-enforcing the ideals of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility, ensuring that immigrants are able to support themselves and become successful here in America.”

When reporters started whining about the impact on penniless “Asylees” who had been promised a progressive Heaven of milk and honey in America, Cuccinelli replied, “We certainly expect people of any income to be able to stand on their own two feet.”

“So,” he continued, “if people are not able to be self-sufficient, than this negative factor is going to bear very heavily against them in a decision about whether they’ll be able to become a legal permanent resident.”

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When the change goes into effect, any immigrant who gets aid from the government is instantly ineligible. “That includes ‘non-cash’ benefits, such as use of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (known as food stamps), Medicaid in non-emergency situations, and Section 8 housing and rental assistance.”

Advocates for wide open borders are running in circles and screaming about the “millions” who are about to crushed into the dust under the heavy handed policy, but according to Homeland Security statistics, the rule “is expected to impact roughly 382,000 people.”

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