Joint Violent Crime Operation Nets Nearly 1,000 Fugitives [Video]


News conference: Operation in Wichita results in nearly 1,000 arrests

LIVE: Wichita police and U.S. Marshals talk about an effort targeting violent crime that resulted in nearly 1,000 arrests.

Posted by KAKE-TV on Monday, August 12, 2019

Law Enforcement officials held a press conference from Wichita, Kansas, today that aired on Facebook, to announce the stupendous results obtained by “Operation Triple Beam.”

The mass roundup of wanted fugitives was described as “a joint operation with federal, state, Wichita and other law enforcement officers.” Well over 900 people were taken into custody over the span of June and July. Along with the arrests, more than 80 guns were taken out of the hands of criminals. Of course, a substantial amount of drugs were seized, more than $835,000 worth.

The Wichita Eagle reports that since 2014, their local rate of violent crime has skyrocketed to the point where it reached “three times the national average and triple the state average last year.” The operation was intended to correct that.

Starting in June, they specifically targeted “violent offenders” with outstanding warrants. It got them named as part of the National Public Safety Partnership. The three year program “uses federal resources and training to reduce violent crime in areas where it’s above national rates.”

There was an impressive amount of cooperation to get the job done. Assisting the Wichita Police were the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office, Kansas Highway Patrol, and the Department of Corrections.

Federally, the US Marshals Service, the DEA, ATF, ICE, and US Postal Inspection Service, were present. The Sedgwick County District Attorney, and the United States Attorney’s Office offered further support.

At Monday’s press conference, Ron Miller, US Marshal for Kansas, assured everyone, especially liberals, that “Operation Triple Beam didn’t target specific neighborhoods or demographics, but those who specifically had outstanding warrants issued by a judge either through local or federal courts.”

Senator Jerry Moran, who sits on a subcommittee that funds crime prevention programs, likes to see the money used effectively. “We know that the only way those dollars will be wisely spent with success in the operation is when there is cooperation between all the various law enforcement agencies.”

Simply arresting criminals won’t solve the overall problem in the long term, Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter reminds. Without breaking the cycle, they will just go back to doing crime when they get out in a revolving door cycle.

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“Most of these folks have a substance abuse issue or mental health issue, and we’ve got to start looking at this differently in my opinion. There’s got to be something for our DA’s office and the judges, if prison isn’t an option, then we’ve got to start doing some type of treatment center here within the state of Kansas, because this is not going to end.”

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  1. And this time will they not release half of the on “humanitarian” reasons? They have broken and evaded the law for years and it now time to pay the piper!

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