Attorney General Lets James Comey Off The Hook — For Now

Conservatives have been on a slow simmer, waiting anxiously for word on the investigation into former FBI Director James Comey, and the origins of the Russia collusion witch hunt.

Heavy rumors inside the beltway have The Hill reporting that Michael Horowitz, the Justice Department’s Inspector General, “referred Comey for possible prosecution under the classified information protection laws, but Department of Justice prosecutors working for the Attorney General William Barr reportedly have decided to decline prosecution.”

Everyone expects conservatives to go spastic, but there are a few good reasons for the decision. Conservatives might not be thrilled, but we want to see charges that stick like glue.

Sources with the Attorney General’s office relate that they took a good hard look at what the Inspector General sent over and it was “compelling.” It just wasn’t enough to get the job done. There isn’t enough evidence of intent.

Comey admitted in hearing testimony that he wrote a memo “suggesting President Donald Trump asked him to scuttle the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.” He specifically intended to leak it to the press.

CNN reports that Comey testified, “he provided the memo “to ‘a friend’ to read to the paper in hopes it would prompt the appointment of a special counsel to lead the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.”

It was eventually given the very lowest security classification, “confidential,” but not until after Comey gave it to the friend. Technically, it is a violation, but not a serious one. The DOJ decided not to “make its first case against the Russia investigators with such thin margins and look petty and vindictive.” Not when they have much more substantial things that they are still investigating.

“There are significant issues emerging with how the FISA was handled and other conduct in the investigation, and everyone involved remains under scrutiny.”

After Comey’s lawyers get done analyzing their advance draft of the Inspector General report — and provide their “feedback,” the final version is expected to come out in just a few days.

“It is expected to conclude that the former FBI director improperly took with him memos that were FBI property when he was fired, and shared some of the memos with his private lawyers.”

Some of those memos were classified “secret.” The government had to send a “scrub team” to visit the lawyers, just to make sure everything classified was rounded back up.

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Horowitz is also expected to determine that “Comey engaged in a lack of candor when FBI agents came to retrieve the classified memos in his possession, failing to tell the interviewing agent that he had forwarded some of the sensitive memos by email.”

Already final probes have concluded that Comey’s firing was proper because, “Comey wrongly ‘usurped’ the authority of the attorney general” when he gave Hillary Clinton a get out of jail free card for her “mishandling of classified information.”

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