Ben Carson’s Offer Of Federal Help Makes Liberal Baltimore Uncomfortable

Dr. Ben Carson, the Housing and Urban Development Secretary, visited Baltimore to talk about how the Trump administration might be able to help out. HUD has a history in Baltimore, many grants have been given here.

You’d think people would want this. But even the most giving area a community might know, a church, asked Dr. Carson to get off the property.

Carson has a special place in his heart for Baltimore but the feeling isn’t reciprocated. “There are problems here and you can’t sweep them under the rug,“ Dr. Carson stressed.

He compared the city to a person sick with cancer. You can dress it up but the illness is still there. Cancer is a death sentence.

As a pediatric neurosurgeon, Carson is familiar with giving people a second chance at life. Knowing however, that the kids he helped came from this area, it upsets him to have to send them back. Would they get sick again with all the disease causing infestations?

Carson says, “we have to be willing to talk about these issues” if they are to be solved, but there’s so much animosity. People are President Donald Trump’s most important resource and he’s putting his money where his mouth is.

“I’ve talked to the President over a couple of days about what we can do,” Carson said. “He’s very willing to work with people here in Baltimore, including with Elijah Cummings, but the President’s emphasis is on the people.”

Carson spoke to Trump in 2016 about helping the poor people in Baltimore. The results of that conversation are already being felt. There’s 149 “opportunity zones” in Maryland, Carson said. These zones won’t fail because investors want a return on investment. People have put skin in the game, hoping to revitalize the area.

Carson doesn’t want to see people climb the ladder and have the rug ripped out from underneath them. Carson also isn’t one to point fingers when he was asked if he thought Rep. Cummings was the problem. Cummings was invited to the press conference but declined, unable to change a last minute scheduling conflict.

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Carson wants Trump to come and tour but he thinks the area might be hostile to him. Over $16 billion has been invested in Baltimore since Trump took office, prompting reporters to ask Carson if he thought the money had been stolen.

Carson didn’t go as far as to say it was stolen but he did agree  that we need to see where the allocated money went.

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  1. You would think a drowning man would grasp desperately at an extended had, but apparently Baltimore has not gone down far enough. Too bad as it is the citizens that will suffer even more…

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